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Review: Insurgent by Veronica Roth

I'm having a lot of trouble figuring out how I liked this book. I have waited a year for it; read Divergent in May last year. Since then I have read Divergent 5/6 times, and I still love it more than anything. And I have wanted Insurgent for so long. And I have imagined how amazing it would be. And it was amazing, just not as much as I had hoped. Hoped for more. Much more. It is good, though. And I did love it a whole lot.

I don't want to post any spoilers. So I'm gonna try my best not to. But. I will post spoilers about how some of the characters were acting. Because I need to talk about it. Really need to. Because it is breaking me apart, for the most part. It isn't huge spoilers, but it does spoil some things. So proceed with caution ;p

It took me some time to read Insurgent. But I never did stop reading. Then it ended, and I couldn't help but think "that's it?" It ended so soon; but that might be because what I was waiting for never happened. And I am so so so sad about that. But still, though. It does end sort of good. But with an evil cliffhanger. Didn't mind that much; but still. Need the third book now, please :)

Anyway! Back to the beginning. Insurgent starts right where Divergent ended. An hour later. And, well, I'm not really gonna tell you what happens next :D But if you have read the first two chapters; like I had, then you already know that they arrive at Amity. A lot of things happen there. Bad things, good things. Loved the scenes between Tris and Tobias from there. They were happy there.

The Amity people are sort of.. weird. In a way. They are awesome, but seem sort of false. They are written really well, I just would not be able to live that way :) We learn a lot about Amity in this book. Didn't really like them much. But they were nice. Some of them. We also learn a lot about Candor. And I'm not sure how to feel about that. Some were nice, but the leader was an asshole.

We don't really learn anything new about Abnegation. Well, we learn some secrets, but not really anything else :) But we do get to see more from Erudite. And I sort of did not like that. They seem like such cold and mean people. But then, that could be blamed on the leader. Except. There is this Erudite traitor, and omg. I hated that part. He just.. was so mean. And cruel. And heartless. *Sobs.*

Then there was the Erudite leader; Janice. And oh. She is so cold hearted. And so cruel. But I loved her. She was an awesome villain. Such a great character. We learned a lot of new things about her. Loved it. But she is just so horrible; but that's the thing I liked. We didn't see much of Eric in this book. But what we do see of him, I hate. He is being cruel towards Tobias and I hated it.

Then there was Marcus; Tobias father. And oh my god. I can't stand him. He is so horrible and evil and I just wish he would die. Don't seem like he will, though. *Grumbles.* What I hate even more though, is that Tris sort of team up with him at some time. Choosing him over Tobias. And I guess it could make sense; but to me it didn't. I hated it. And Marcus is just so cruel.

We also get to know a new person who is close to Tobias. And I'm not sure what to feel about that person. Tris hates it. Tobias seems to accept that person. But I will not. That person had not been nice to Tobias. And I will not forgive it. And that's that. We also see more of Peter in this book. And oh. I still hate him so much! He is just, so cruel. But. He is sort of a different person. Still hates him, though.

There is just so many characters in this book. I loved Christina. She seemed a bit mean in the beginning, but I got over it. And I adored Uriah. And Lynn. And Marlene. But also, sobs. Things are so heartbreaking. Tris has been keeping the secret that she killed Will. And it comes out in a horrible way; and it breaks so much apart. And I hate her for not telling anyone herself.

Then there is Tobias, or Four. And I adore Tobias. I know many sees him only as Four, but I like Tobias. A lot. And I just love him so much. He is the perfect person. So kind and loving and sweet. And so broken. Wish I could kill Marcus myself. And kill all those horrible people who bullies him about it at some point in this book.. Because Tobias and Tris was forced to take a truth serum. And it was horrible. And I hated it. But I also loved it. Tobias is too adorable.

Uhm. A little warning. There is a few spoilers in the rest of this review. If you do not want to know what happens between Tobias and Tris you should not read on. I do not spoil the plot and all the awesome things that happen, but I do think I spoil some things about Tobias and Tris.. Sorry :D

He is an amazing person in this book. He keeps some secrets, but after how Tris is acting I do not blame him at all. I wouldn't tell her anything. Tobias tells Tris he loves her in Divergent. But she doesn't say anything back. And it is so easy to see that Tobias does love her. He loves her so much. And I love it. But it is also easy to see that Tris doesn't seem to love him very much. And it kills me.

You see, Tris in this book I didn't really like. I wanted to love her like I loved her in Divergent. But I couldn't. It was too hard to love her. She is an amazing person. She is strong, I was about to say. But she isn't. Not really. But still, she is an interesting character and I wouldn't want these books from a different person's point of view. I am happy it is her story. But. I will be a bit negative now.

Tris is not acting okay in this book. She doesn't seem to care if she dies. She doesn't seem to care about anything at all. Especially not Tobias. She doesn't seem to care for him at all. She doesn't care about what he feels, and she doesn't tell him anything. And I'm hating her for it. I can say that I understand, considering she killed a good friend and watched her parents die. But I don't.

She should want to be with Tobias. She should be needing him. But she doesn't. And I didn't like that at all. At first it's all okay. It's sweet, and sort of hot. But she kisses him so she doesn't feel quilty anymore. And that made me feel like she just uses him. And omg. I hated it :( I do think she loves him. I do. I mean, who cannot love Tobias? It isn't possible. But it feels that way.

She pushes him away. She lies and lies and lies to him. And she does reckless things. And she doesn't think of him before doing it. And they are mostly apart in this book. But. I also loved it. I mean, I hated that they were apart and that Tris acted that way. But I also loved the book. Because so much happens. I just think it would be better if they were together in it.

But the thing is. This book left me heartbroken. Which is why it isn't one of my top books. But it is one of my favorites. Because I did love it. I love the world Veronica has created. And I love the writing. And I love most of the characters. I love the suspense and the waiting. Sort of. There was something that confused me in this book; the time. I have no idea how much time passed.

And also. I kept waiting for something to happen in this book. Between Tobias and Tris. I kept waiting for her to make it right. But she didn't. The book just ended. And I'm not happy about that. It sort of ends happy; but they didn't get to talk about it. And I hated that. I needed more. I need Tris to make it right. Because to me she has a lot to make up for. There are lots of betrayals in Insurgent.

But still. I love Tobias and Tris together. They make a perfect couple. And Tobias really loves her. And I need him to be happy. I really need him to be happy. And I need them together. <3

There is a lot of death in this book. Many deaths that I liked, but not those I wanted the most. And so many deaths I wished had not happened. It was horrible at some point! Like those deaths at the rooftop. Horrible, but also necessary. There is a lot of action in Insurgent. And I loved it all. Well, for the most part. So many things are happening. Approved of some, but not most.

Anyway, I enjoyed Insurgent. It is an amazing sequel. But I also wanted more. And the ending is evil. But, I adore Veronica. And I do believe she will make up for it in the third book :) I really hope so. If you have read Divergent you really need to read Insurgent. And if you haven't read Divergent yet, you must do so. It is my favorite book. <3

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Update: Newer and better review of the book can be found here.


  1. I was a little frustrated myself with Tris' attitude at times but I loved this book overall! I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it Carina even though a few things bothered you. Now we need book 3! :)

    1. Yeah, I was frustrated with her most of the time (A) but yes! I also loved this book :) It is just so good. <3 ;)

  2. hmm. this is going to be a frustrating read for me. i even struggled to finish Divergent (however, i kept going since i liked the premise) and THIS. IDK. i have the e-copy but i'm delaying it because for some reasons, i think i'm going to hate Tris so much in Insurgent which is a very badddd sign. (she irritated me a great deal in Divergent. i didn't/don't hate her though!)

    great review btw!

  3. Includes spoilers:
    To me it had a lot of obscurities like why does Tobis not sleep in his appartment when they are in dountless and things like that. And Tris showed him the cold shoulder all the time..

  4. Includes spoilers:

    I totally agree with you, well mostly. Tris turned into a total zombie, which is what I hated about Katniss in the last two Hunger Games books. They just start acting like idiots and it makes me hate them. I mostly hate how their behavior blocks you off and a lot of things go untalked about since it is from her point of view. I love love love Tobias, and I think Tris totally loves him. I didn't even think of that being doubtful, until I read your review and now I definitely see what you're talking about. I also hate how they were always apart. And I agree with Yogi, there were so many obscurities (probably stemming from the lack of conversing) but it just didn't seem and smooth as Divergent. It made me confused, and I'm glad Tris yelled at Tobias when he caught her Jeanine's lab, but their reconciliation (or lack there of) was upsetting. AND THIS IS THE BIGGEST CAUSE OF ALL OF MY FEELINGS MENTIONED ABOVE ABOUT THE BOOK. What Tobias said to her right before the end of the book, "You were right. I do know who you are. I just needed to be reminded." At first I really didn't think it addressed what she said, but after rereading it I see that it does, I guess just not in the way I had hoped.

  5. Loved both books. Felt very similarly about Tris as you did. She broke my heart.


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