Thursday, May 10, 2012

Review: Revived by Cat Patrick

What made me want this book was the gorgeous cover. And I'm so glad about that. Because the cover is stunning. And the summary is so good as well. I knew it was a book I couldn't not read. And I did enjoy it a whole lot. But I didn't love it like I wanted to. So I'm sad about that. Gonna try my best to talk about this book :)

The thing about this book is that the story is amazing. The plot is really great; and it could have been such a good book. But I felt like it wasn't done well enough. I like the writing; and I sort of liked the character. But to me the book was sort of.. simple. It wasn't interesting enough. I loved the plot; the whole thing about the main character; Daisy having died a bunch of times and gotten Revived.

It is unique and really awesome. I did enjoy that part. But I wished for more. I wished it had been explained better; and that more things had happened about it. See, Daisy lives with two agents. Her "parents." And, well, I didn't like it. Mason seemed like an awesome person. But he wasn't written well, so I didn't like him much. He didn't seem to have feelings at all.

Plus Daisy was alone all the time, and she never had any friends. Is there any almost 16 year old girl that is actually okay with that? I guess there is; but Daisy wasn't really that person. Which is why I didn't like it much. It was very predictiable at times; but I did still like the story. But the agency and the persons working at it didn't seem real at all.

Like the main research person, they nicknamed him God. And I found that to be beyond silly. It, well, it wasn't funny at all because the main character didn't see anything about it and, yeah, I just didn't like it. Plus, the "climax" in this book should have been done so much better. It fell flat to me. There was supposed to be some action, but there wasn't. It was pretty boring :\

But! This book wasn't all negative to me. I did enjoy it some. It is an entertaining book. See, like the characters. The main character is Daisy. And, well, I didn't really like her or hate her. She seems to be kind, but she is also really boring and I didn't feel much for her at all. She starts a new school at a new town after another death. And instantly she makes a best friend. The thing is, it doesn't make sense.

Not considering the person she is supposed to be; the person she has been for her whole life. So was a bit disappointed in that. But I did like Audrey. Sort of. She was kind and sweet, and interesting. But something really horrible happened to her. And that too, I felt was done bad. I didn't feel anything at all about it. And I felt like Daisy's reaction was way too strong. I just disliked it :\

Then there is the love interest; Audrey's brother; Matt. He is sort of awesome. But way too predictable that I didn't enjoy reading about him either. There is insta-love. Usually I like that, but it didn't make sense in this book. See, Daisy sees him and thinks that he is hot etc. And she hasn't had ANY boyfriend or friend, and suddenly she is the most confident person. I don't make sense at all.

I didn't like the romance. I wanted to, but it didn't seem real at all. We didn't learn anything about Matt. Not really. And there wasn't much romance. I'm sorry for seeming so negative, but I can't help it. I just didn't like this book that much. And I'm disappointed with that :\ Still, though! I am glad I read it :) And I think that most people will probably like it. So you should give it a chance :)

Anyway! I did mostly like this book. The story is really great; I just wished it had been written/handled better. And I did enjoy reading about the characters. For the most part. And it is an exciting book; at times :) Plus, the ending is good. Well. Not really. It is sort of mean, but still. :)

I'm unsure about how to rate this book. On the one hand, it was awesome. But I didn't enjoy it much. So four stars seems like too much. And three stars seems like so little. But I'm giving it three stars. Or three point five :)


  1. LOVE LOOOVE the cover, so fantastic and beautiful:) I love to read this book sometime:)

  2. I love the premise for this book. It definitely has a lot of potential! It's a shame this wasn't better for you Carina. It sounds like it fell flat in most places and didn't leave much of an impression. I'm glad you still liked some of it though. :)

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