Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Review: The Hunt by Andrew Fukuda

I loved this book. I really did. Have been wanting to read it for months now; and I did get accepted to read it via NetGalley. But I wanted to wait for my hardcover :) I'm glad I did, but I also would have loved to read it earlier. Because I enjoyed it so much. The writing is perfect, the characters are awesome, and the world it is created in is just stunning. I loved it all. And the cover is gorgeous :)

I'm having some trouble figuring out how to write this reivew. Will try my best, though :) The Hunt is an amazing book. It starts off so good, and it is so good all the way to the end. The main character, Gene, is a human. As far as he knows, the only human there is. The world is now full of vampires. Everyone is a vampire. It's been so long since anyone have ever seen a human.

The vampires in this book is really interesting. They aren't like other vampires I have read about. It seems like they age and stuff as well. They eat, mostly bloody meat, but also other things. And they act all normal. They seem normal. Well, except for the arm scratching instead of laughing. And then some elbow rubbing that might be sex to them. It was weird. But I also enjoyed it.

The vampires in this book is really different and sometimes weird, but they are also really amazing. The plot in this book have most to do with the vampires. But it is also more about Gene. This book starts with an announcement from the Ruler of this world. Hoping to learn more about him in the next book :) There hasn't been an announcement in a long time.

He's telling them all there will be another Heper Hunt. Which hasn't been in 10 years. It makes them all so excited! Everyone is drooling and such. Which is sort of disgusting. But makes sense, in a way. Some hunters will be picked, to hunt down the Hepers. It is like a lottery. And Gene ends up being picked. Which isn't such a good thing, considering he is a Heper.

Hepers are humans. But there hasn't been more humans that anyone know of. But the scientic lab (I think) has had some for many years. So there will be another Heper Hunt. Won't say that much else about the plot; because it is so good to read about it yourself. Plus, the book ain't that long. But it is all amazing. There is so much interesting in this book. So many new things to learn and read about.

It is hard for Gene in this book; heard to not be noticed by the vampires. But he has a way not to get noticed. And that was sort of really weird. The vampires could smell humans; but only if they were sweating. They couldn't smell their blood. Well, unless they cut themselves. And that was sort of weird. But still. I did enjoy it all. So I didn't mind that much :)

There are a lot of awesome characters in this book. Like the main character boy; Gene. He is sort of awesome. Almost hated him a few times; but he wasn't bad at all. Not really. And he is such an amazing character. He is all alone, and that is sort of depressing. Also: he doesn't know that much about being human. Neither does the vampires.

Then there is Ashley June. She was a bit of a mysterious person. But I did love her. For the most part :) Think the romance could have been amazing. But omg. It ends so so so horrible; and it worries me. But I have a small hope. Maybe. There is so many other awesome characters; but I don't want to spoil any of them :D So just know that there are many.

Not sure what else to say, really. This book has so much amazing things. The plot is so good, the writing perfect, the characters amazing. There is a lot of action, and mystery, and suspense. And horror. Lots of that. But it is all so good. You really need to read this book. Because it is worth it.

The ending is really exciting. So much happens at the end. Lots of horrible stuff. Some awesome stuff. I liked the ending. But it is also sort of bad. And I cannot wait for the next book! The wait will be horrible and long. I need more. Lots more. Can't wait :) 


  1. I'm glad you liked this Carina! I've seen mixed reviews for this book but it does definitely sound unique. :)

  2. In this world, humans have been hunted to near extinction by vampires, who have become the dominate species on the earth. Young Gene is one of the few humans who has managed to survive by hiding in plain sight, and making certain that no vampire ever suspects his humanity. When a new hunt for the last remaining humans is announced, Gene decides to participate to help hide the truth. But not only do Gene's fellow vampire hunters start to suspect the truth, but the hunt brings Gene into contact with other humans.

    Talk about a unique take on an over-used theme. The Hunt takes the current teen vampire craze and turns it on its head. Vampires don't sparkle here and they certainly aren't attractive. They are little more than killers who have taken humanity to the brink. Having a male protagnist her was particularly refreshing, especially since I rarely see this in the dystopian or supernatural teen genres.


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