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Review: The Hero's Guide to Saving Your Kingdom by Christopher Healy

I loved this book. I really, really did. It is so amazing. And I'm so glad that I bought and read it :) What made me want it was the cover. Because the cover is so interesting and also so pretty. Then I read the summary and I was sold. And it more than lived up to what I wanted it to be. It is a perfect fantasy book; with lots of humor and amazing characters. Also a tiny bit sad. But I still loved it a whole lot.

I do somehow wonder why it is a middle grade book. Considering every characters are adults. Or more like young adults. Plus lots of scary things happen. But then, it is also funny and nothing too big is happening, and it could perfectly be a middle grade book. But to me it would make more sense for it to be a young adult book ;) But then. It can be both, right? :D

One of the things I loved the most about this book was the pictures. First the cover; although it doesn't make much sense to have that one girl in the front. But, well. It does look pretty :D And they are all there; on the front and then on the back. It looks perfect. And then in all the book there are these illustrations of people and things. And it is so perfect. Just how I imagined it. Loved it so much.

That isn't everything I loved about this book, though. I loved the writing. The writing is perfect. And I'm really happy about that. :) Then there is that amazing plot. And omg. The plot is stunning, really perfect. It's the "real" story behind all the fairy tales. Well, behind the Cinderella, Snow White, Rapunzel and Sleeping Beauty stories. And I think I like this version the most. Because it is so good.

The story is really amazing. And I loved it so much because nothing is perfect. Nothing is going well in this book. Well, at least not very much. :) Nothing is like the classic tales. See, there are the story/song bards. And omg. I thought they were horrible. Sort of cute, but still horrible. A few humans singing songs about things that happen; they just don't include it all. Loved that they were there, though :)

This is an adventure book. And there is a lot of adventure in this book. Lots of action, and lots of surprises. Lots of fun, too. But also lots of bad things happening. But it is so entertaining and interesting to read about there wasn't one bored moment in this book. The plot in this book is about an evil witch trying to destroy them all. And it is so interesting! Won't spoil it :D Because it is so good.

There are lots of creatures in this book. Like that witch. She is really awful. But she wasn't at first. But because she was a witch, people were horrible to her. Hated it. But sort of loved it too. There are also trolls and a giant. Which I so so so loved! They were all awesome. And one dragon. Loved that one too. Except when it stole some hair. Didn't like that. There are also lots more awesome creatures :)

But what I really, really loved about this book were the characters. I won't say too much about them, just a little bit. There are Prince Liam, Prince Frederic, Prince Duncan and Prince Gustav. And omg. I loved them all! Then there is Ella and Briar Rose and Rapunzel and Snow White and Lila and Reese the Giant. And that Deeb kid. Hated him. But he was such an awesome character.  

I cannot decide which character I liked the most. I loved them all so so so much. Might have loved Gustav the most. Or Frederic. Omg. I can't decide. Lets start with Liam. Liam is an awesome character. He is the only one who is a true Hero. And I loved that about him. He really is amazing. Kind and handsome. But then he does something stupid near the end that sort of made me hate him :p 

He started flirting with someone else's girl. And I do not approve. Because it is cruel and mean and should not happen. Especially since Prince Liam should be with Briar Rose aka Sleeping Beauty ;) But, yeah. I don't see that happening anytime soon. It was supposed to be such a good tale, but she was a total bitch and I hated her. She made things so bad for Liam. But it was also awesome. 

Then there is Frederic. And I just adored him. He has never been outside his castle, and he is such a coward and very.. fine person. Never done anything out of place. Then he meets Ella aka Cinderella. And everything changes. He loves her. But she can't be with him because she finds him too boring. And then she leaves. Which starts this whole adventure. Because Frederic goes after her. 

And it is all so damn amazing. But also a tiny bit heartbreaking. Frederic is so cute and sweet and kind and just too adorable. I loved him. Plus he is an amazing character. He starts out as such a huge coward, but I ended up loving him so much. The ending is depressing; but still so good. So good. 

Then there is Duncan. He is really weird. But I sort of loved him that way. He is the Prince Charming to Snow White. And they are married. And they are adorable together. But like I said, he is weird. So he goes alone for a walk; to give Snow White a tiny silent moment alone. Which is how his part of this story starts. He is an amazing character; dumb but so cute. I loved everything he did in this book. 

Then there is Prince Gustav. And omg. He is the one I felt the most sorry for. There is so many bad things happening to him. He is the one who was supposed to rescue Rapunzel. But he didn't. Not the right way. And everyone was laughing at him and teasing him and it was all so horrible. But I also loved that it was there. Wish there had been romance between him and Rapunzel; but maybe in book 2. 

Gustav is awesome. He is kind, when he wants to be. And he is so sweet and strong and mostly smart. He does things without thinking about it. Stupid things. But that is some of the things I loved about him. I loved his hair. And then it was gone; and I hated that. But also sort of loved how it happened :) Gustav is a huge part of this story; and I loved that. Couldn't be anything without him :D

So, yeah. I adored this book. Really loved it. And I cannot wait for more! Need lots of more books :D See, it ends sort of good. But then it ends with a tiny cliffhanger that screams that there must be another adventure! And I am so happy that there will be. But even though I loved this book, I'm pretty sure the things people found funny were the things I found sad.. Because I don't really do funny much. I did think it was funny a lot of times; but I also thought it was sad. But I did love it. Really did. :)

Anyway! This is such an amazing book and you need to buy it and read it if you haven't already. <3


  1. I've been wanting this book for a while, but was leery about reading a middlegrade novel when I have a HUGE pile of must read books on my nightstand. But if its as you say, I think I've got to go order it right now.

    1. Yay! You need to read it :D It is so good. Not really a middle grade book at all. :)


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