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Review: Seraphina by Rachel Hartman

I can't seem to be able to resist reading fantasy books these days. And omg. I'm so glad for that. I just read one fantasy book this morning; but since I finished before twelve I knew I needed to read something more. Then I remember that I had got accepted to read this book on NetGalley. And I just knew I needed to read it right away. The cover is stunning; and I love the summary. Just my kind of book. And it was.

Seraphina is an amazing book. The plot is so so so good, and the writing is amazing. And the characters are really loveable. It is all just so stunning and so good and it isn't possible to not fall in love with this world. I won't spoil the book much, but will talk a tiny bit about the dragons and the people :) Because, well, what else would I include in my review? :)

The story in this book is done so well. I believed in it all. It might have been a bit difficult to read sometimes, because I got confused with all the people and their names :p Still, though. I enjoyed the book at all times :) Wished there had been more romance, because there isn't any. Well, there is a small romance, and it is adorable. But it is only one kiss. And the ending. Needs more ;)

Anyway! Back to the plot. There are dragons in this book. A lot of them. Although most we do not see at all; because these dragons can take human forms. And it is so cool. There is a truce between humans and dragons; it has been one for 40 years. But it is getting threatened. And it is so good. Won't say how it ends, though :D I loved how the dragons were written. It seemed so real.

Hoping we will get to see more dragons in dragon form in the next book; because I think that will be even more awesome. But I did love that we mostly learn in this book. We learn how things are at this time, with the dragons and the humans. And it is so interesting to read about. Loved how the dragons could be humans; because it is easy to tell whose really a dragon. Well, for the most part ;)

This book has a lot of surprises. And a lot of action. Some romance. It has some of everything. Lots of love. And it is all so good. Time to talk some about the characters :) Because there are too many characters to love in this book. So I'm mentioning a few of them.

There is the main character; Seraphina. Or Phina. A bit sad that we never got to see her tell anyone that she would like to be called Phina; they just called her that. Still though! She is an amazing character. And omg. I loved that this book was her story. It is so good. She is the perfect leading character. She has flaws, but I loved them. Well, she lies a whole lot. But I also understand that.

Phina has a terrible secret. Which I will not reveal :D But it is sort of awesome. I, at least, loved it. It is mysterious, but also so amazing. Because of that secret Phina don't have any friends. Well, she has her uncle; Orma. But doubting be would count, though. Considering what he is :) But I loved him. Orma is an awesome character. Hoping to see more from him :) Also liked her father.

Then there is Prince Lucian Kiggs. He is adorable. And I loved him. Have no idea how old he is, though :\ Hoping he is close to Seraphina's age; which is sixteen :) Kiggs is so kind and trusting and loving that there is no possible reason not to love him. He is the love interest; and I just wished there had been more of that. But I did love what there was. Because it is sort of enough; for book one :)

Then there is Princess Glisselda. And, well, I did like her. She is fifteen, and she seems so young and innocent. She is kind and sweet. But I couldn't help but hate her a bit. She is a great friend, but she has this "relationship" to Kiggs. And I do not approve. At all. First of all, they are cousins! Just, grrr. Hoping it will be better in the next book. It has to be.

Phina is a bit weird, but I loved that about her. For the most part. She has some special gifts, and I loved learning about all of those. Because of her gifts we got to meet Abdo. And Abdo is adorable. So young and so sweet. Loved him. We also got to know Lars. And I liked Lars. At first I thought he would be a love interest.. but he wasn't :D So, yeah, I adored him.

There is so many bad characters in this book. Feel like it would take me forever to talk about them all. So just going to say that there are some bad things happening in this book. And I sort of loved them all.

Seraphina has action, mystery, fantasy, love and tons of surprises. Things never stop happening. And I loved it. If you do not have any way of getting an early copy of this book, then you must promise to buy it once it comes out. Because it is worth it. And I think you will love it :D You better, at least. ;) I cannot wait for more from this series. Hoping the next book will be out soon :)

Thank you to NetGalley and Random House Children's Books for the chance to read this early. <3

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Update: Newer and better review of the book can be found here.


  1. I love fantasy books too and this one sounds amazing! I've heard from lots of people that this is a great read and seeing your 5 stars has me excited to start it soon. Awesome review! :)

    1. YAY! :D I think you'll love it ;) Thank you. <3

  2. I'm just a couple pages into my e-galley of this book! Your review makes me want to grab a mug of tea and go read it right now! So excited.


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