Sunday, May 6, 2012

Review: The False Prince by Jennifer A. Nielsen

I liked this book. It is an easy and fun read. I have started to love fantasy books lately; and this is an awesome fantasy book. But I didn't love it that much. But I liked it a whole lot, and that is enough for me :) Because it is an enjoyable read, and sort of an adventure. It has interesting characters, good writing, and an really good plot. It had a few things I didn't like, but there weren't many.

The plot in this book is really good. Although, I did predict many of those things that happened. But that may be because I peeked at the ending.. hih :) Although! I do believe I still would have figured it out on my own; since it was sort of obvious what would happen. But even so. The plot is really good, and I enjoyed reading it a lot :)

This book is told from Sage's POV. And I adored him. He is sort of a rebel, almost 15 years old. I wish he had been a couple of years older, but I am happy with how he was. Because even though he was young I liked him a whole lot. He is strong, and doesn't care much what others tells him to do. And I liked that about him. He is also kind, which was good. But he is also sort of broken.

As you can read from the summary, Sage ends up living with Conner and some other boys. They are there for a reason. Which I don't want to talk too much about ;) Because I liked reading about it, and I think you will too. Conner is a rich person; and he has lots of servants. I liked a few of them. Like Imogen. She could be an amazing love interest; and I feel that she will in the next book :) I hope so.

There is also some other interesting characters in this book. Like Tobias. Didn't like him at all at first, but he was alright. Then the other boy I actually liked at first. Then I hated him. There were other characters I liked though, like Mott. He seemed cruel at times, but he was loyal and I did like him. And I hated Conner. Such a cruel man. Didn't like him one bit.

There is a lot of bad things happening in this book. There are many deaths. There is even some torture. And I hated that. But I also loved that it was in this book; because I do sort of like those sorts of things. It makes books interesting. And better. Most of this book is preparing for becoming a Prince/King. And I liked that. But I also wished the book had been about 200 pages longer.

But then, there will be two more books :) The False Prince could have been only one book. But I'm so glad it isn't. I need more. I need to know what happens next; because it isn't really a happy ending. It is a good ending, but not a really happy one. Lots of bad things will happen next. And I need to read about them all. Also hoping for some romance next :)

Don't know what else to say about this book; because I do not want to spoil anything. So I'll just let you know that the plot is really good, and sort of unique. And the characters are easy to like, as is the writing. The ending is both good and bad, but it isn't cruel. And you'll just be left wanting more :) So if you have not read this book yet, I really think you should do so.


  1. I am on the hunt for books which are comparable to The Hunt and Divergent.. If you know any please tell me!

    It is important to me, that the books are more seriouse or more "adult" than for example "The Vampire Diaries:the awakening" -which I didn´t like..

    1. oh sorry, I did mean "The Host" by Stephanie Meyer (I did not read The Hunt yet..


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