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Review: Hemlock by Kathleen Peacock

I very much loved this book. I really did. And the thing is, I didn't think I woud like it. And I am blaming other reviewers for that. They said that there is a love triangle in this book. And there isn't! Well, there probably could be one. But with Jason being such an asshole I don't ever see it happening. And it better not. More on that soon. Also wished the cover had been more. Still, this is a stunning book :D

I started reading this yesterday evening. Thinking I would only read a little, and then finish it today. But once I started reading I couldn't stop. And I didn't stop. So I read until after midnight. :) Been a while since I have done that. But I am glad I did. Because this book is amazing; and I wouldn't have been able to wait to read the rest of it. It was best to read it all in one go.

I'm gonna start with talking about the characters. The main character is Mac. And I loved her. She is an awesome main character. But I didn't like that she wasn't able to see that her best friends were into her for years. I thought it was all so obvious. Don't like when the girl can't see it. Still, Mackenzie is awesome. She is kind and sweet and, uhm, sort of brave. For the most part. A little stupid at times.

But I loved that about her. Mac's best friend, Amy, was recently brutally murdered by a werewolf. And Mac isn't over it. It's been five months. She still has nightmares about it. And omg. I hated those :\ So sad and horrible. Amy seemed like an awesome person. But then we learned some things about her, and I didn't like her at all. Think it changed a bit of how Mac looked at her too. Maybe.

But even so. She did not deserve to die. And she died for a horrible reason. I will not spoil it, though :D Because it is awesome to read about the mystery in this book. Really awesome. Mac has another best friend; Kyle. And omg. I adored Kyle. He is the perfect person. Sweet, kind, protective and handsome. Some might say he is too protective, but I think he could be even more protective. :)

See, Mac keeps saying she doesn't need to be protected. Which is really silly of her to say; considering she needs to be protected and is in all the book. But I did love that. Anyway. Kyle is awesome. And he is the love interest in this book. And it is just so sweet. But it is also a bit heartbreaking. But I still loved it a whole lot. There better be more of that romance in the sequel. It must be.

Then there is Jason. He was Amy's boyfriend. And gah! I HATED HIM. I didn't like him at all. Some may think he's the sexy broken boy, but he isn't. To me he was just an asshole. All the time. He probably could have been better before Amy died, but he was too horrible after. And I am forever hating Mac for forgiving what he did (or didn't, do) that night at the bar. Hated him so much then!

I suppose he is kind. A tiny bit. But I didn't see it. I just saw how cruel he was, and I hated him for it. And Mac was too quick in forgiving him. She better not be that way in the sequel. Really hate that. :\ Then, of course, he had to be in love with Mac. Hated him even more, then. Because I sort of think there will be a love triangle in the sequel. But then I will probably give up on the book.

Because it wouldn't make sense. It is overdone, in my eyes. Plus, Mac is in love with Kyle. And Kyle is in love with her. And it is the perfect romance. It is just stupid to mess with that. And it does not make the story "good" to have a stupid love triangle. Hih. Anyway! Sorry (A) I just wanted to share my opinion on it all. And my view of it will not change. Ever. Gonna talk about the plot, now :D

The plot in this book is so amazing. I loved that it is about werewolves. Because I love werewolves. Well, every werewolves besides the Twilight ones. Hated those because of Jacob. Anyway! These werewolves are really different than usual. Sort of. They are all out in the open. And if it found out that some are a werewolf, they are put away and locked up. And it sounded so horrible.

Even so, I wish to find out more about those places. Because it seemed really interesting. But not all werewolves are captured. There are many living in hiding. And they can change whenever they want to; no full moon. lol. Plus I'm pretty sure they are able to think for themself when they are a wolf. Really wish the sequel will be more about the werewolves and the way they are. :)

Anyway, I loved the werewolves in this book. They are awesome. Plus I loved who some of them were ;) It was just so good. <3 but also a bit sad and heartbreaking. Still, I loved it. Then there is the plot. The plot is to find Amy's murderer; the white wolf. And omg. There is a lot of suspense in this book. But I loved it all. There are betrayals and mystery and romance. Hemlock has it all.

We will find out who the murder is; considering it would be really dumb if we didn't know :D hih ;p Anyway, I loved the plot twists of that. It was really written well. And it made sense. The ending of this book is sort of awesome, but it is also so heartbreaking. I am happy with Amy, but I'm also pissed at her for one thing. :p But I do have lots of hope for book two. Just hope it will be just as good. :)

Hemlock is an amazing book. And I'm pretty sure everyone will love it. Just remember, there is no triangle. Mac loves someone, and that someone loves her too. But someone else loves her as well, but she doesn't love him. :D Hih. And I'm extremely pleased about that. Because I hated him :p Anyway, you all really need to read this book. Because it is so good. <3 :)

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Update: Newer and better review of the book can be found here.


  1. Glad you enjoyed this one Carina! I'm reading it now and liking it so far. Great review. Donna xoxox

  2. I want to read this but it's not yet available in our country. :( I'm happy that enjoyed this one! Great review! :D

    Kari Po-Ku Reads

  3. Love your review! A few comments:

    "Also wished the cover had been more."
    I kind of agree with this. It's honestly what has always been holding me back from ordering this book. That probably sounds stupid, but I have a bad habit of judging a book by its cover. I can't help it :(

    "But I didn't like that she wasn't able to see that her best friends were into her for years."
    That usually annoys me too, but to be fair, it can be difficult to tell! I remember back before my boyfriend and I were dating.. in hindsight it was SO obvious that he was into me, but in the moment, I wanted it to be true so badly that it caused me to doubt. So I kept convincing myself that it probably wasn't true, or that I was overanalyzing, etc. And I guess if you're already close friends with the person it can be hard to distinguish between friendship and a crush.

    Of course I haven't read the book yet so take my view on that with a grain of salt :D

    Anyway thanks for the amazing review! I'll probably have to run out and buy this at some point!

  4. Awesome review. I have a copy of this and need to get round to it soon! I really hope a love triangle doesn't take centre stage in the next book... Though it probably will right? :( Anyway, I'm looking forward to reading this soon!


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