Friday, February 24, 2012

Review: Once by Anna Carey

I should start by saying that if you have not read the first book in this series, Eve, yet, then you should not read this review. Because it will contain spoilers to the first book, and you really should not know those things if you have not read it yet ;) Also, my review of Once has a few small spoilers, but those can also be found by reading the summary :)

I want to start by saying that I LOVE the cover of this book :) It is simply stunning. Love that it follows the cover of Eve. Also love that the cover has something to do with stuff happening in the book ;) Sort of.

Once start at the same place Eve ended. Only three months later. I don't really like time jumps, but, three months isn't really that long :) We get introduced to many new characters from the beginning, and I liked a few of them. Some, I did not like at all. Eve has been living in Califia for three months; she's still missing Caleb so much, and hoping to see him soon.

But she is trying to move forward, but without forgetting about him. Which I was really happy about. Then, suddenly, someone lost arrives at Califia. But it is not Caleb. I really did like the surprise person that arrived. Liked it a lot. Also liked the dog; although what happened later with that killed me.

Eve and the new visitor overhear the women living at Califia discussing what they really have planned for Eve if the soldiers ever catch up with her. It is then Eve decides it is time to leave, if there is any way to. But then someone claims to have seen Caleb outside the city, and she and the 'visitor' rush to find him.

What they doesn't know, however, is that they are being set up. By some (evil) boy that was in the first book. Eve is then separated from her friend, and taken to the King in the City of Sand. Once there, she finds out why she really has been searched for. And what is supposed to happen to her next.

But she also finds Caleb there. He has been there for weeks, working undercover, sort of. But they are all looking for him, accusing him of killing some soldiers; that he did not do. Meaning if he is caught, he will be put in prison and most likely executed.

But so far he has not been spotted by anyone. Except for Eve. And they start meeting in secret, which is really risky, but oh, I really really really loved those parts. I love the romance in this book. So good. Although there was a part in the middle I didn't get. Wasn't sure if something happened, or not. Wish it was more obvious ;)

Won't say anymore about the plot now; because more things happen :D Many spoilery things. Many bad things, but also kind of good things. Anyway, this book is amazing. I really loved it, although I did have a few problems reading at times, but that is my own issues ;p Once is just as exciting as Eve was. Something is always happening.

And I still really liked the characters. Well, I really like Eve and Caleb :) I also liked that we got to learn more about the school where Eve's friends had been locked up. Although we didn't get an end with that. And I'm hoping it will all work out in book three; hoping the "schools" will get shut down :)

I did not like the ending of this book. At all. See, it starts out all hopeful, but then that hope dies. Something horrible happens, and something horrible is about to happen. The cliffhanger is HUGE. Really huge. And for book three I am hoping what happened didn't really happen, and what will happen doesn't happen :D

Also really hoping the wait for book three won't be so long.. but, considering this book isn't out until July I don't think book three will be out before next summer. How I will survive the wait, I do not know. It will be torturous.

Anyway, this book is a must get when it comes out :) A really great sequel to Eve. Even with the evil cliffhanger. Once is a must read :) Also wanting to thank the author, Anna, for writing such amazing books. <3 I'm writing this review because I got an ARC copy of Once :) My review of Eve.


  1. oh lucky you! I am dying to read this book! I really liked Eve! Great review.


  2. LUCKY!! I can't wait to read this book!! Love your review.

  3. Great review, Carina! You have me excited for this book a lot more now! I really liked Eve, although it wasn't a perfect read for me, and I can't wait to get my hands on Once. It definitely sounds like it will be equally good, if not better. :)

    I'm not looking forward to this big cliffhanger though. :P

    1. Thank you. <3 Woot! :D I think you will like this book :) It does have a some flaws, but overall, it is an amazing book. <3 Except for that evil cliffhanger, though :D:D

  4. I can't wait to read this book

  5. I could not put this book down. Regardless of the negative things I heard from some of my friends (or other reviews) I really, really, REALLY enjoyed this book. So much that I now need to go out and buy my own copy (only downside of borrowing books).


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