Sunday, February 5, 2012

Mini Review: Glitches by Marissa Meyer

Another short review. Glitches is a short prequel to Marissa's new book, Cinder. <3 I adored Cinder. A really, really must read book :) Reading this short story has made me want to re-read Cinder. Must do that very, very soon. <3

I loved reading the prequel. About how Cinder's first day with her new.. family was. I really liked Garan. But oh, it was also so sad. It really isn't fair, what happens to so many people in this book :\ But still, I love it all.

I still hate Adri so so so much, but I also just love Peony so much more. She is so much kinder than all the others. And oh. Iko! I love Iko. “I have a glitch, too. Sometimes I forget that I’m not human. I don’t think that happens to most androids.”

This prequel is a must read for everyone having read Cinder or is going to read it. It's not so long, but it is still really amazing. And it makes me long for book 2 / Scarlet so much more. I need that book. <3

Goodreads. My review of Cinder.


  1. Oh even reading about the prequel I feel like I need to read CINDER soon. I never planned to do so, but everyone is talking about how good the novel was!

    1. Oh, you must must must read it soon :D It is amazing. <3 A really must read :)

  2. Iko is adorable, right?! :D I should probably check this out soon, especially as it is a quick read. Nice review! :)

    1. Oh yes, she really is :D And yes, you must ;) <3 Thank you :)


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