Sunday, February 12, 2012

Review: Firelight by Sophie Jordan

I really loved this book. But, well, I knew I would when I bought it months ago ;) It's just taken me so long to read it, because I peeked at the end of book two, and did not like what I saw.. But, I will start that one in about an hour; hopefully I will love it too :)

I loved the story in this book. I loved the Draki's. Even though we didn't really get to see them much, I loved what we did get of them. I loved that even though Dragons were so so so many years ago, the Draki's are in our time :) Hih.

I also loved the characters. I really liked Jacinda. She is strong, and mostly kind, and she is a strong character. I did not like her mother, however. I get that she is protective and whatever, but to me she just seemed mean and un-caring. Same thing with her sister. Although I can understand her sister a tiny bit better.

I loved Will the most though. Handsome, kind, broken, strong. I loved that he had such a big part in this book. And I loved loved loved the romance. So sweet. But oh, I hated the ending of this book. But, it wasn't really that bad, if it weren't for things I know happens in book two :p

I really disliked Cassian. And I doubt I will turn to like him. Thing is, I do not want to like him at all. I hate love triangles. And my heart belongs to Will. <3

Anyway, this is an amazing book, with an amazing plot, and amazing characters, and it is a must read :D


  1. I really liked Firelight!! <3 And Will <3 Vanish is more frustrating :P Nice review and enjoy :)

    1. Me too. <3 Will is the best :D And yes. So agree about Vanish..


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