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Review: Sweetly by Jackson Pearce

I'm having issues figuring out how to feel about this book. On one hand, I loved it. But, I did not love it as much as I loved Sisters Red, and I did have some issues with the writing. But, I did love the story, and I loved most of the characters, and I still liked the writing; mostly. This review might contain a few small spoilers, but they aren't that big :)

I don't really remember much of the fairytale Sweetly is based on; Hansel and Gretel. It's been year since I saw a movie of it, and I don't remember ever reading the book. But, I know the important things, and I really liked that this book was a retelling of that fairytale.

Sweetly starts out really good, we get to see the point where Gretchen and Ansel's sister vanish. We get to feel their fear out there alone in the woods; considering the twin girls were only 6 and the boy 7. We get to see what happens next, sort of, how much everyone blames them for coming out of the forest without their sister.

Then we jump 12 years ahead, and Gretchen and Ansel has just been kicked out of their house by their stepmother. They don't have any family left; their mother died of grief, and then their father died of grieving her. There isn't anything holding them back, so they just moves away; driving for a loong time to get to someplace amazing.

But then their car breaks down on a small town only an hour from where they were headed. But they do not have any money, only $57. So they walk to the small town their car broke down next to, and gets an offer to work for a girl living just out of town. Where she runs a candy store.

They get there, and everything seems so amazing, and the girl is so sweet and kind, and she offers them to stay there. So they do. And, well, this is where I started doubting the girl; Sophia. I just never liked her, not really. I mean, she seems kind and all, and sort of broken and lonely, living all by herself. Her father died some years before.

But yeah, I didn't like her. Felt from the beginning like there was something wrong with her, and I really, really felt like there was something in the candy she made. But then, what kind of really annoyed me is that we never got to know anything about the candy :( Wish we had.

Sophia did have a pretty house though, and a cute dog; Luxe. He was sweet. Don't want to give away more of the plot, so I'm going to talk a bit about the story and characters :) The story is unique, sort of, and what I really loved is that it is connected with Sisters Red a lot more than I thought it would be :) Thought it was just a new story, but it isn't. Not really.

See, the love interest, Samuel Reynolds, is Silas brother from Sisters Red. <3 And yeah. I loved Silas so much. So of course I fell for Samuel as well ;) Samuel is a great character, not as good as Silas though, but I still loved him a lot. He is kind, sometimes, and he is good with a gun, and he knows what took Gretchen's sister.

Which is how he and Gretchen starts to bond. They hunt together. And there isn't really much romance in this book, but there is some, and it is really sweet. Wishing there was more, though :) Also, I really did like Gretchen. But I did not like that she was trusting Sophia so blindly and easily. As was her brother. I didn't really understand Ansel much. I mean, he is a great brother, and he could have been an amazing character for me, but I sort of wish he was in the story more. But, I also did like him the way he was :) Mostly.

Anyway, Sweetly has an awesome plot, it most of the time exciting, it has some action, mostly towards the end, and it has cute romance. It is creepy though. Very. But, I love creepy, so I really liked that :D It has great characters, and it has a good ending. Well, sort of ;) I liked it, at least.

I am very excited about the next book from Jackson, the next book in the fairytale retellings :) I love these fairytale stories, and I want more and more and more. <3 Although I do wish for sequels to both Sisters Red and Sweetly :) Wish to know what happens next to the characters I love.

Anyway, you really should read Sweetly if you haven't done so yet :) But, if you haven't read Sisters Red, you really should start with that one ;) I've decided on 4,5 stars for Sweetly. But, it is closer to five than four :)

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  1. Loved Sister's Red and have been meaning to get Sweetly since it came out.


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