Saturday, October 8, 2022

Review: For the Throne by Hannah Whitten

Reading this second book took me longer, but it was worth the time I spent with it. It was such an excellent sequel and ending. Giving it five stars. As I enjoyed it to pieces. I loved reading the ending of Red and Neve's story. I loved how it all fit together and how the ending made sense as well. Very much liked the writing.

There is a lot going on in these two books. Especially in this final one. I shall try to not share that much, though. I mostly just want to mention what I liked about this story. How I very much loved reading about Red and Eammon. Sigh. They are such a perfect couple and I adore them the very most. Both fully precious. Eee.

This second book is mostly about Neve and Solmir. Their story. But while it is mostly her point of view, we still get to read much from Red too. And a little Raffe and a little of others too. I loved all of the different views. But, yeah. I loved Red the most. Neve was still amazing, of course. I just never had the same type of love for her as I did for Red. Oops. Could be because Red was pretty much all good. And Neve had so much darkness inside of her. But such a good heart and I adored her so much. I loved her dark parts too. I did love her relationship with Solmir. Started out so badly, ha. But it grew into a friendship. Maybe something more. And while they were no Red and Eammon to me, they were still precious in their own way. Still shipped them very much.

This book take a lot of place in the Shadowlands. Sort of like a dark place beneath our world. Well, it was beneath the Wilderwood. It's where Neve ended up at the end of For the Wolf. With Solmir, one of the five kings. Though Neve will learn he is not what she has always thought he was. He is not like the others. He is doing his best to kill the kings. For that, he needed Neve's help. And oh, they had such a journey to go on. So much walking, ha. I liked reading about this dark place, where there was no color. No life. Nothing.

Except for the shadow creatures living there. Those could kill Neve. And I did like reading about how she killed them instead, how it was possible to take their shadow magic and make it her own. Because Neve has a different type of magic from Red. A dark kind. Full of thorns and darkness. But so awesome to read about as well. Neve and Solmir starts out as enemies. Slowly turning to something more. They were not sweet and tender like Red and Eammon and their love story. Neve and Solmir was way more painful. Ah.

I shall not say that much more about this story. Just that Neve goes on a journey to figure out how to kill the four kings, before they escape their prison and ruins the world. I did love reading about the old gods she met. They were awesome. Especially loved the last one, the big one, the scariest one. I loved how Red was such a big part of this story too, how they needed each other to get this mission done. I loved reading more about them both and learning more about them too. They loved each other so very much.

And, confession. I did love Red the most. And Eammon. And so loved reading more about Fife and Lyra too. And getting to know Raffe more. He met a girl. It was both good and bad, ha. I loved reading about it, though. Honestly, I just mostly loved reading about the romance between Red and Eammon. Sigh. It was beyond precious and sweet. So good. But yeah. The story was more than that. And I did enjoy every part of this story. Some things were obvious, some were surprising. All were exciting, though. Liked the twists.

I did have a few small issues with this book. But they were not many and they were not big. And so I am still going with five stars, because I really truly loved this world and this story. It was mostly Neve's book, but I still preferred to read about Red and Eammon. Oops. I just love them too much. Sigh. What annoyed me a tiny bit was how Solmir's face was described. All the time. His expressions, that is. It seemed weird. At least to me, with his sharp face. But I also did not mind that much. Just took me a little out of the story.

But I will say that this final book was all kinds of awesome. I loved reading about the shadow creatures. The whole of Shadowlands. I loved how the Wilderwoods had changed. I loved how exciting everything was. I loved how it all ended too. A little silly, a couple of things. But it was such a great ending. A happy one too. For the most part. I still want to know more, ha. I also can't wait to read more books by Hannah. For the Throne was a most excellent ending to a stunning fantasy duology. You must read these books.

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