Saturday, October 1, 2022

In My Mailbox #569

I don't even know where this week have gone. Time has moved so fast. I have been so busy. Went out of town for a hospital visit. It was an all day thing, with shopping and pool. It was good, but exhausting, and killed me for a few days. I still hurt. Rude. Oh, and then it was medicine day two days after that trip, which killed me even more. So, yeah. This week have been painful. Good, but hurting. And so busy and I have not had any time for anything. I have not read more of For the Throne for daaaays. Oh. Hoping to read a little tonight. I need to read more. I love this book. Just. No time, no energy. Will try to be better. Plus side of this week, had some great spa bath days. <3 Bad side, taking it down in just days. Sobs. Winter will be long, spa gone until April. Rude. But another good thing, got some lovely mail. <3 I got the Baymax chase :D Eeee. Could not be happier about it. <3 Yesss :) This week I'm waiting on The Pearl Hunter :D I hope you are having a great week. <3 And happy first Halloween day, ha :D I got all my ornaments up today :)

Descendant of the Crane. Eee! New US paperback edition is out. <3 Gosh, this new cover is stunning.
Animal Crossing. Yesss. Got my 2023 calendars, without any issues. They are perfect. Sigh. Love them.
Pop Figures. Oh. SO many pop figures this week too. Oops. Britney and Thumper was bought in person, as the town I went to actually have pop figures, ha. Mine doesn't. Ugh. I got my second Baymax soda. <3 Chase version :D Yesss. It's so rare and special and gorgeous. Love it so. And a bunch of other precious figures. Oh. Love the Jurassic moment. Love my Villainous Valentines mystery mini figures. Too cute. Oh! And Lucifer :D Eeee. He is precious. So glad I got to order all the D23 figures that I wanted. <3 Love :D

More Instagram photos here. <3

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