Friday, October 28, 2022

Eleven Years of Blogging

My blog turned eleven years old this year :D Feels like I have been blogging forever. <3 And still doing it. And not planning on stopping anytime soon :) I may have forgotten about my blog birthday, again. Oops. Which was October 11th. Ack! I remembered it last month, then it just went away, ha. At least I managed to remember it again while it is still October :D And get a post up. <3 This time I'm not doing a giveaway, but hoping to share one sometime soon anyway :) I have had a few giveaways on instagram this year, for funko pop figures. I have been taking a lot more photos in the past year. Of both books and pop figures. I'm loving it. Much more photos outside too. This year have been so long yet also gone by so fast. Next year I'm turning thirty years old. What even. And my cat will be ten years. We are getting so old, haha :D

I will not be sharing very much this time, just a little update on what I have been doing this past year. My health is still pretty much awful, and I still have so little energy. No catching up to anything yet. Not really. I'm spending time with my family every day, and love that. I still play animal crossing every day and love it the most. Started playing the pocket camp version as well, and may be too addicted. Oops. And I still play pokemon go as well. I'm reading more, but only lately. Started very slow this year with reading. So I have not read many books this year. But those that I read were good. I am happy about that. I am doing okay :)

I hope you are all doing well :) And reading lots. <3 Thank you all so, so much for reading my blog and for still following me. You guys are the best. I'm hoping to be able to catch up more soon. And read more too. I have been reading a lot more lately than I had done before, so I'm feeling positive that I may actually get back into reading again, at last :) I cannot believe it is almost Christmas time again. I'm so very excited :D

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