Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Review: Flashfall by Jenny Moyer

This book is so good I die a little. Sigh. Third time reading it and gosh, how badly I love it. So happy I decided to re-read it now. I remembered how much I loved it. Still I had forgotten just how very amazing this was. The writing is perfection. The story is all kinds of evil and horrible and full of hope. Love every piece of it.

There is so much about Flashfall that I love. Reading this story about Orion and Dram is the very best thing. I loved getting to know them again. And the world they live in. Gosh. It's set in the future, after radiation have ruined almost everything. And is still killing people, second by second. Worse were those in charge.

And I simply loved everything about this story. Eee. The book is told from the point of view of sixteen year old Orion. And Orion was the very best person. I adored her to pieces. She's all kinds of strong and brave, even despite the way that she has to live. She still have hope for a better life. Getting to know her all over again was the best thing. Orion was such a stunning character. And I loved her acts of rebellion. Even though it cost her each time. Oh. But hoping for a better life is worth all the costs. Orion goes through so very much in this book. She gets hurt so often, by creatures and by evil people, and she gets stronger each time. She does not break no matter what happens to her. And I loved her so for it all. She was also all kinds of fun and sweet.

Then there was also Dram, her better half. They are partners in this world, though not yet a couple, but it seems like they both care for each other. Which was the very best thing. Eee. We get to see their great friendship turn into more and it was the sweetest thing. I shipped them so. And they were so so perfect together. Sigh. Dram was such a perfect character too. I loved him to pieces. And getting to know him again too was the best as well. He and Orion takes such good care of each other. I loved that the most.

In this world Orion and Dram live at an outpost. They are being forced to mine the tunnels of this outpost, searching for something called cirium; which helps protect from all the radiation. If they do not mine like they are told to, six days a week, they are forfeit, left to die slowly in one of the mines. Despite not really having a choice in their life, they are still living. They are controlled all the time, but they still have some privacy. But gosh, mining these mines is no easy thing. And so many of them have died. Ahh. Shudders.

Because they die horrible deaths. These mines are filled with creatures. And they were all terrible to read about. And I loved every moment of it, haha. Orion and Dram gets hurt so often by these awful creatures. Which was awful to read about, but so good too. This book was all kinds of dark and evil. And I so loved every part of it. As it was filled with good moments and hope too. The growing romance between Orion and Dram was the sweetest thing. And made everything worth it. Every death, every hurt. My poor heart.

Every thing about this book was exciting. And every time something went wrong, and it felt like nothing worse could happen, it happened. Ha. Which I must admit was all kinds of fun to read about, haha. The story of Orion and Dram was the very best to get to know. And all the other characters in this book was interesting to get to know as well. I adored all of them. Well, except for Cranny. I wished the most horrible death on that man. Oops. He deserved it. This book was evil, but not too evil, and I was happy about that.

There is so much I could say about Flashfall. But will stop for now. I simply loved this book to pieces. It is beyond exciting and thrilling. So dark but so full of hope too. I remember some things about book two and I am so nervous about re-reading it next, as I know things get even worse. Ahh. But also so very excited. If you have not read this book yet, you are seriously missing out. It is such a stunning adventure to read about. You all need Flashfall in your life. Also, Jenny is all kinds of adorable too. You must read her book.

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