Saturday, December 14, 2019

In My Mailbox #423

Eee. I read two books this week. And I feel so happy about this, haha. Okay, they were re-reads, but I still read something. <3 They were the best re-reads. Sigh. I need to read one more book this year, to make it to my goal of 55 books. It was first at 80. But I would never have managed to hit that this year. Sigh. But I will hit 55, and I'm happy about that. But now taking a little reading break to catch up to movies the next week or so. Which I'm so excited about too, haha. Only one book in the mail this week, as there are not many pre-orders out in December for me, haha. But got so many new pop figures. Oops. A few new blog posts too. I need to put together some cover reveals, but so slow and little energy. Shared my third review of Flashfall, eee. <3 This week I'm waiting on Twin Daggers :D I shared my second review of Flashtide :) Such a great duology. <3 I'm so behind on things lately. Even more this week, as I have gotten the worst wrist and finger pain. I cannot use my wireless laptop mouse much at all. There is so much pain. Uuugh. Hope it will get better soon. Hmph. Anyway. December is the very best. I so love this Christmas month :D And I hope all of you are enjoying it too. <3 I cannot believe it is Christmas eve in just 10 days. Gosh. <3

Legacy. Ahh! Finally got my personalized copy :D Thank you Shannon and Changing Hands for it all. <3
Luke Evans. Oops. I could not resist ordering this CD, eee :D And it came with a signed poster. I love it.
Pop Figures. Well. A Harry Potter box, haha. Bought it to get that lovely Sirius figure :D Though I love the other items too. And ahh! Huge Ursula! My first big size pop, haha :D She's awesome. But my favorite new pop is my Maleficent. My god. She is gorgeous. So much love. And more Frozen 2. Love them all.

More Instagram photos here. <3

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