Saturday, November 30, 2019

Review: The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater

Reading this gives me so much joy. This was my tenth read. And gosh, it still keeps getting better for each time I read it. Sigh. This book is completely magical and all kinds of beautiful. I will never grow tired of reading it. It is very much a November book which is the best thing. Reading it simply makes me the very happiest.

There is so much I could share about The Scorpio Races. But I will not be writing too much about it this time. I mean, I've already written a whole bunch of reviews for this book before, ha. But it is impossible not to share my love for this beautiful story. Sigh. It is beyond perfect. And every time I read it I'm swept up in the story.

Which is the best thing there is. I adore Maggie and I love her books. But my gosh, this book will always be her very best one. Okay, maybe if there would one day be a sequel to this, it could end up being even better. Probably. And oh. How badly I want another book about Puck and Sean. And Corr. I want to know what happens next with all of them so very badly. Sigh. I mean, sure, the ending of this book was perfect, it always is. But I still want more. There could still be more. No drama, though. And there is no need for drama between these two characters. They are too precious and perfect for that. Which makes me love them even more. Eee. Sean and Puck are my two favorite characters, always. And they are the very best to read about, always.

I will never not love this precious book. And I will try my hardest to read it once a year, every November, going forward too. Reading The Scorpio Races is always fun. And heartbreaking. And makes me love these characters even more than I already to. It also makes me wish I could visit this little island myself. Maybe even take part in the Scorpio Races on a water horse. Though, fine, it would probably be a bit too dangerous for me, ha. But gosh, how amazing it is to read about it all. To fall in love with it all over again.

If you still have not read this most precious book then you are seriously missing out on the best reading experience. Reading about Sean and Puck is the best thing you could do. And reading about their horses too, Corr and Dove. And all of the side characters. Finn and Dory Maud and George Holly and everyone else too. The island is all kinds of magical. The dangerous and deadly water horses are fully interesting and exciting to read about. This is a book everyone must read. Multiple times, like I have done. Go do it.

There is so much I love about this precious story. I shall not mention all of it. As this review of mine will be shorter than usual. I simply adore this story too much. The Scorpio Races is everything I want in a book. The very best characters. The most adorable growing romance. And an exciting story too. The writing is stunning as well. And oh my god how badly I love Sean and Puck. I love their growing friendship. They are too cute together. This book is also beyond rude and cruel at times. And I loved it to pieces. Always.

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  1. I've read this several times too and still love it. I wish they would make it into a movie!


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