Saturday, November 2, 2019

In My Mailbox #417

Hello. I should be reading this evening. Instead I'm busy updating my blog pages a little. So far behind on updating everything. So I shall finish it now. Oops. But should be reading. Or playing my newest Switch game. Ack. Maybe time for both after I finish with my blog. Fingers crossed. Less books this week, but still so many, oops. Love them all. My health still sucks, ugh, but I have lots of appointments this coming week that I hope will give some answers. Fingers crossed. I also managed to have three new posts this week, so yay for that. I took part in the Legacy Blog Tour :D This week I'm waiting on My Calamity Jane. <3 And I finally shared my Eight Years of Blogging post too :) I'm so far behind on everything, but trying to catch up. Like how I am doing my blog pages now, haha. Slowly catching up, but I will manage, one day. So exhausted, though. Trying my best :) I'm busy listening to Christmas music, waiting for Christmas, lol.

Runaways. Missing the third one, this is number four :D I'm excited to read them all one day soon, eee.
Wayward Son. Hmm. The international paperback. Love. It wasn't supposed to arrive, unsure how it did.
Mortal Instruments Graphic Novel 3. These graphic novels are beyond gorgeous. Will read them one day.
Supernova. Ahh! Third book, UK pback, arrived a week before release :D Eee. I have peeked, haha. <3
The Girl the Sea Gave Back + Into the Crooked Place. AHH! Thank you so so much Aly for trading these two beyond perfect UK ARCs with me. Sigh. I am so so thrilled with them both. You are the very best :)
Pop Figures. Eee! A whole bunch of new Frozen 2 ones :D And glitter Coraline + new Eleven too. Love.
Luigi's Mansion 3. I have not played the earlier Luigi games, so I'm super excited about playing this one.
Happy Hello Bookmarks. Oops. Finally placed a new order for more of these precious bookmarks, haha :)

More Instagram photos here. <3

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