Saturday, November 23, 2019

In My Mailbox #420

Eee. I have gotten all my Christmas things up this week. Oops. A bit early, usually get it up on December 1st. But I do not mind. Wanted all the pretty out as soon as possible :) Now just waiting for Christmas to arrive, haha. I have had a busy week. Exhausted, all the time, but doing things despite that. I finished The Secret Commonwealth. Sigh. And now reading another book that I got from the publisher. It is.. not very good. Sigh. The writing is so bad. But I'm surviving it, haha, and will read book two after it as well. Ack. I shall survive, hopefully, haha. And also trying to play a little of Pokemon Sword each day too, which I love so very much. Eee. Only wishing I'm not so exhausted. Hmph. Anyway. Some lovely mail this week, eee. I love it all. Sigh. Only two new blog posts, though. I shared my review of The Secret Commonwealth. Ack :) And this week I'm waiting on The Notorious Virtues :D Hope you are all doing well. I'm doing my best :)

Clockwork Angel. Eee. 10th anniversary UK edition. And it looks so very gorgeous. Sigh. I love this one.
The Queen of Nothing. Okay, fine. I haven't read book one. But now I have them all. And peeked too :D
Call Down the Hawk + The Scorpio Races + The Raven King. Ah.  My personalized copies from Fountain Bookstore :D Maggie is the best. <3 And love the exclusive swag too. Can't wait to read her newest book.
Call Down the Hawk. Got my special UK copy from Seven Stories as well :D Love the sticker bookplate.
Pokemon Sword. Eee. I got this perfect game for my Switch. And I already love it so so very much. Oops.
His Dark Materials. There was a new version of the BBC cast audiobooks. Oops. And I had to get it, ha.

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