Saturday, November 9, 2019

In My Mailbox #418

Another week gone by. Gosh. Time is moving way too fast, haha. This week I only got three books, which is way less than every other week, so yay for that, lol. Though I'm pretty sure that there will be more next week. Oops. Oh, well. Getting book mail is the best. Sigh. I have been pretty exhausted this week. Health completely sucks. With new things all the time. But I have taken an xray of my lungs, now just waiting for results. I went back to the hospital for a skin doctor appointment, which went pretty well, I think. And I got my doctor to give me sleeping pills, so that I can finally sleep at night. I think my dose might be too small, but so far they are working. I am getting sleep. But I also have the driest mouth, which is killing me. Gah. And I'm just generally exhausted, as always. Sigh. Hoping it will improve soon. I'm so slow at reading. But will finally start The Secret Commonwealth tonight. I do not really want to. Sobs. But I will. Sigh. Will try to finish it in less than a week. Wish me luck. A few new posts this week too. I shared my second review of La Belle Sauvage :) This week I'm waiting on The Midnight Lie. <3 And I shared the cover for Scammed :D Christmas is getting closer and closer and I am so very excited. Eee. But gosh. The sun is now almost gone too. Sigh. Which I do not like. Will have to take darker photos. Ahh. But I shall survive :) Hopefully.

For the Killing of Kings + Upon the Flight of the Queen. Eee! Thank you so much St. Martin's Press for sending me these two books to read and review :D They look gorgeous. I'm so hoping to love them both.
Call Down the Hawk. Ahh! First copy has arrived. <3 Okay, behind on the series, but excited even so :D
Pop Figures. Eee. Tiny Elsa. So cute. And Hedwig. And the Night King. Oops. I had to get them all, haha.

More Instagram photos here. <3

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