Saturday, November 16, 2019

In My Mailbox #419

Another week gone by. Now it is even closer to Chritsmas, eee :D Although I pretty much already have Christmas, haha. We have snow. I'm listening to Christmas radio all day. And drinking Christmas soda and eating some Christmas cookies. Oops. I could not resist, haha. Christmas is the best :) My health still sucks, ugh. But trying to deal with it all. I'm just so very exhausted. And tired. Sleeping pills are somewhat working. I'm sleeping. But now having weird life-like dreams often too. Hmph. Don't want that, at all, haha. Anyway. I have spent all week reading The Secret Commonwealth. I will finally finish it tomorrow. I have so many thoughts. Ugh. Many many many bad ones, which ruins my heart. But I knew it would be. Sigh. Still, so sad. Only one new blog post this week, ack. I have been too slow at reading. Oops. But making progress. Anyway. This week I'm waiting on The Girl and the Witch's Garden. <3 I also got a whole lot of books this week. Ahh. Bunch of pre-orders. And so many pop figures too. Oops. A bunch of pre-orders with those as well, haha :) I love it all so much. Hope you are all doing well. I'm doing as best as I can :)

Supernova. Eee. Hardcover finally arrived. And it is gorgeous. <3 I cannot wait to re-read book one soon.
The Starless Sea. Okay, I don't really know anything about this. Oops. I bought it for the cover, haha :)
The Guinevere Deception. I cannot wait to read this book. It seems like it will be so so very awesome :D
Song of the Crimson Flower. Eee! This book was all kinds of adorable. And the hardcover is so stunning.
Keeper of the Lost Cities: Legacy. Ahh! Book eight! B&N exclusive. Can't wait to catch up to them all :)
His Dark Materials. I had to own this new edition of all three books in one. Oops. And it looks so pretty.
The Amber Spyglass + The Subtle Knife. Eee. The rest of the perfect new UK gift editions :D So lovely.
Comet Rising. New paperback edition of this stunning book :D I adore MarcyKate. Her books are great.
Serpent & Dove Pre-Order Swag. Eee! Thank you Shelby for these gorgeous artcards. They're so pretty.
Frozen 2. Couldn't resist buying this sticker book. Cute. Waiting until Christmas for the movie, though..
Pop Figures. Gosh. So many new Harry Potter ones, eee :D And new Game of Thrones. My poor Jorah.

DisneyStore UK. Gosh. I have finally placed another Disney order, haha :D It's been two years since my last order. I love my Disney things the most. Sigh. But so very expensive. And I have no room. Oops. But I needed this gorgeous Rapunzel doll, eee :D So got some Maleficent dolls too, which I adore so much. <3 And new Frozen 2 dolls too, haha :) Minnie plush was free; she's adorable. Plus cute Frozen 2 plush.

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