Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Review: Queens of Fennbirn by Kendare Blake

I was not ready for these two short stories. I have been meaning to read them for months, but ended up waiting until I could read Two Dark Reigns as well. I'm glad I did so. Because, gosh, these two stories ruined me. Five stars for sure. But my heart may not recover. I truly did not expect all of this heartbreak, to be honest.

Both short stories are just over a hundred pages, and took some time to read. I loved that. Loved that they were not so short. That they were hard to read. And they were both written so perfectly. I very much love this world that Kendare has created. It's done so well and so evil. I love reading every moment of it. Mostly, haha.

I shall not be sharing too much about these short stories. Only a few of my thoughts about them. And you must read both of these stories after Three Dark Crowns and One Dark Throne. They are both in such a stunning paperback edition too. Very much worth buying. I cannot wait to read book three next, and book four next year. Ack. I am beyond worried, though, especially after reading The Oracle Queen. I need these books to have a happy ending. I want a happy ending for all three queens and Jules too. And gosh, how I am nervous that I will not get my happy endings. Hmph. So excited to know everything, though, even if it ends up breaking my soul. Which I am sure it will, no matter if the endings are happy or not, haha. All the books so far have been very rude.

The first story is The Young Queens. It tells more about Arsinoe and Katharine and Mirabella as children. Not too much about their six years together, but a little bit of that too. And it was so sweet to read about. They were such loving sisters for six years. Until they were forced apart, having to live in different places, until being forced to kill each other ten years later. Gosh. The story in these books are so heartbreaking. Yet beyond interesting to read about and I love all the details so very much. It was all written so well too.

This first short story is about all three young queens, when they were taken away from each other. I loved reading more about all of them. Still like Mirabella the least, haha, but I did love her in this short story. Her love for her sisters was so good but sad. And those years she had to spend locked away. Gosh. Reading about that killed me a little. So yeah. I liked Mirabella in this short story. And Katharine. My love. My heart aches just thinking about her, and how she had to grow up. She did not have a lot of happy in her life. Oh.

But Arsinoe did. She grew up in a good place, with Jules, and I am so happy about that. Though reading about Arsinoe and Jules in this short story broke my heart. How very rude. We learn more about Jules's family. I loved her aunt so very much. And what happened with her, well. I shall not get past it. Especially remembering what happened in the previous books too. She deserved much better. Gosh. My poor heart. But yeah. Very much loved reading The Young Queens. Such a strong short story. Such great characters.

Then there was The Oracle Queen. I fear I shall never forget this story. It completely ruined me. I loved every moment of it, but I am not sure my heart will ever recover. It is set five hundred years earlier, and tells the story of the oracle queen Elsabet. I will not be sharing her story in my review. It would hurt too much. But I will say that her story killed me. And it was so heartbreaking from start to finish and it never got any better. That story did not have a happy ending. At all. But it was so so very much worth reading.

My heart is breaking for Elsabet, though. Oh. Her story was the very best. Written so well. But it was the saddest thing I have read in ages. Gosh. And with a sad ending too. How very rude. She had two great friends, though, and I adored reading about them. Until that ending. Ahh. She has been queen for three years. Her king consort is not a good person. And I cannot. It was so painful to read about. So good, but so painful. Shall not be sharing more from her story. I can't. But oh. It was so very good. You must read it.

I'm so thrilled that I finally made myself read Queens of Fennbirn. These two stories were worth reading. And even though the second story ruined me, I would still have read it, knowing all that happened. And I think you should all read it too. It's important. In these novellas we learn more about the island too. Which was awesome. Both stories were incredible. And I loved them so. If you still have not read these books by Kendare, then you really must get started. They are incredibly painful at times, but so very good. Worth it.

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