Saturday, September 8, 2018

In My Mailbox #357

How is it already Saturday again? Ahh. Time is moving way too fast. And I keep getting just about nothing done. Ugh. How rude. Health is the same as always, but I'm mostly dealing with it. Though I have gained a lot of weight after starting my new medicine, and I do not approve at all. When I first started it ten years ago, I gained more than twenty kilos. I will not accept that again; as I haven't lost those kilos at all yet. Ah. Anyway. I read a bit this week :D One long book, one half book, haha. Both were perfection. Sigh. Finally perfect books, haha. And will be reading lots this coming week too, which I'm excited about. Hopefully to finally start having enough energy to catch up as well. I'm trying my best; by doing a little each day. But it is hard. I'm so tired and exhausted all the time and have zero energy for just about anything. So rude. But I have hope it will pass soon. Fingers crossed. Also a few blog posts this week. <3 I took part in the blog tour for Sadie, eee :D This week I'm waiting on Umbertouched. <3 Then shared my review of Queens of Fennbirn :D And my five star review of Two Dark Reigns coming for the blog tour tomorrow morning :D I also got such stunning mail this week, eee. Love it. <3 Trying my best to catch up; but it is going slow :)

Lady Midnight. A new type of the US paperback edition, that I couldn't stop myself from buying, haha :D
Crooked Kingdom. Eee, this US paperback edition is all kinds of gorgeous. This book ruined me, though.
Sadie. Gosh, this book was good. And the hardcover is all kinds of stunning :D Also adore Courtney. <3
Miss Peregrine's Peculiar Children. Book 1-3 :D From PRH International, for the read along this month.
Pop Figures. Eee, some special editions :D More expensive, but they are all just so so cute. Love them.

More Instagram photos here. <3

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