Saturday, September 22, 2018

In My Mailbox #359

Time is moving way too fast. Yet with what I read this week, the whole week moved so very slow, haha. Read two three star books, which took forever, and currently reading the third in the series, which is so far a one star, and it is killing me. Ugh. But I will finish it. Tomorrow. Just, yeah. It's bad. And slowly crushing me, haha. I shall survive. Probably. Anyway. This week have been pretty good. Still behind on just about everything, ugh, but I'm doing okay despite that. Exhausted, still, but okay. Got so many books this week. Gosh. Not sure where I will put them all, though, ahhh. But I love them. Very much. Next week I'm having a small operation, to remove false tonsils. They are making me stay a night at the hospital after, though, so I'm a bit nervous. Hoping there will be no pain. Fingers crossed for me, please. Also blogged a bunch this past week. <3 I shared my review of Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children. Then I posted my full review of Give the Dark My Love, eee :D Which I read at the end of July. <3 This week I'm waiting on Descendant of the Crane :) Then I shared my review of Hollow City. And I'm currently more than halfway through Library of Souls. Just want it done. It's so very bad. And it's truly killing me. Sigh. But I will finish.

Obsidio + The Fates Divide + Tess of the Road + Heart of Iron + Beyond a Darkened Shore + Sky in the Deep + Dreaming Dangerous. EEE! Thank you so so much to Becky for helping me get all of these lovely books, ahh :D I'm dying. The hardcovers are all personalized. <3 So happy. DD is a trade with Becky. <3
The Hate U Give. Finally bought this :D Everyone has been loving it, and I am so curious. And nervous.
Seafire. Finally got my gorgeous hardcover. Almost a month behind on arriving, ack. But here. And safe.
Wildcard. I.. got two copies because of the pre-order swag, ack. Getting US help. <3 Did not like this, ack.
Song of the Dead. Eee! Thank you so much PRH International :D Excited to read book one and two soon.
The Golden Tower. Eee, such gorgeous finished copies :D Cannot wait to finally read all five books. <3
The Book of Dust. New UK paperback :D It is so stunning and smallish. I love this version of the cover.
Life After Legend. Finally have this gorgeous :D Cost me a bit to trade, but worth it. Thank you Jami. <3
King of Scars Sampler. Eee, it's so tiny and so cute :D Thank you Asha for trading with me. <3 Love it so.
Miss Peregrine Swag. Huge thank you to PRH International for this stunning promo swag :D I love it so.
Swag. LIFEL1K3 pre-order swag that Becky helped me get, eee. <3 Rest came with the signed books :)

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