Saturday, September 1, 2018

In My Mailbox #356

Unsure about this past week. My health is still pretty awful. Ugh. I hate being so tired and being so so far behind. But I did manage to read two books this week. And I did do a few laptop things as well. Hoping to be able to catch up more this coming week. Fingers crossed. I also got so much stunning mail, ahh. Love it all. <3 I also blogged a bunch. I shared my second review of Warcross :) This week I'm waiting on The Golden Tower. <3 Then shared my review of Wildcard. Ack. It was disappointing. Then shared the cover reveal for The Raven's Tale, eee. <3 And still spending so much time with my spa bath. It is the best. But gosh, we are getting so much closer to October already, when it has to be taken down until late April. So rude. I feel like I read little in August, but. I read 8 books. I have not read that much since March, which is ages ago. So I am happy with how much I managed to read this past month, eee :D Hoping I will be able to read even more this month. Fingers crossed. Something is breaking my heart, though. Comments. I'm getting just about zero comments on every single post. Oh. Yet I have the same amount of page views as always. But no comments. Please, do leave a comment if you are reading my post :) Means the most. <3

A Gathering of Shadows. Eee! Finally have this stunning French cover of book two as well :D Love it so.
Siege and Storm. Such a gorgeous French cover edition. Eee. I love it. So very much. Best books too. <3
Toil & Trouble. Excited to read these short stories :D I don't know many of the authors, but love Elizabeth.
A Room Away From the Wolves. I have enjoyed so many books by Nova; excited for her newest one :D
City of Ghosts. Eee! US and UK editions. They are both so beautiful. Cannot wait to finally read this :D
All the Crooked Saints. US paperback edition is out. My collection is growing, haha. Must read it, though.
Sherry Thomas. Finally buying some of the other adult books by Sherry, aaack :D Nervous + so excited.
LIFEL1K3. Audiobook version finally arrived :D But hmph. Wish every audio was the softer version, haha.
Beneath the Citadel. EEE! Thank you so much to the lovely publisher Amulet for this ARC :D So excited!
As She Ascends Swag. Such gorgeous pre-order swag from the awesome Jodi :D Thank you so much.
Give the Dark My Love Swag. Gorgeous postcard from Beth from this awesome giveaway she had :D
Kendare Blake Bookplate. Eee! Thank you lovely :D Because I'm part of the blog tour next week. Love.

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  1. I'm sorry you're still not feeling well, make sure you get plenty of rest and take the time you need to get better!

    Looks like you got a lot of great goodies here, thanks for sharing!
    ~Brittany @ Brittany's Book Rambles

  2. Hugs to you, Carina! I'm always praying for you. I loveeee that edition of S&S! I still need to find out some details about Graceling but I've not forgotten. 😊 Happy reading, Carina! I hope you feel much better this week!

    Have a lovely day. =)

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!


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