Saturday, September 15, 2018

In My Mailbox #358

Was it not Saturday just yesterday? Ahh. The days are going by too fast lately, haha :) I am slowly doing more catching up; so I'm happy about that. Still so behind on commenting. But shall start that this coming week as well. I'm a bit behind on reading this week, aaack. But I'm working on it. Had a pretty good week, though. Exhausted, as always, but happy. I also got some stunning mail that I love a bunch. Eee. And a few blog posts too. I shared my blog tour review for Two Dark Reigns :D This week I'm waiting on Come Find Me. <3 Then I shared my review of City of Ghosts :) Planning on starting and finishing and reviewing a book today. Hoping I will manage to find the time, haha. Wish me luck. Hope you're all doing well too :)

As She Ascends. Gosh, this hardcover is huge. All kinds of gorgeous. Love this cover. Can't wait to read.
Two Dark Reigns. Eee. I loved this precious so very much. And the finished hardcover is so so stunning.
Shadow Weaver + Comet Rising. EEE! Thank you MarcyKate :D Personalized too; from an auction. <3
King of Scars Swag. Ahh! So in love. So so happy. Thank you so much to a sweet person for trading :D
Grim Lovelies Cards. Gosh. These are perfection. Eee. Thank you Megan :D Very happy I won these :D

More Instagram photos here. <3

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