Friday, March 2, 2018

Review: Wires and Nerve by Marissa Meyer

So happy that I decided to re-read this stunning graphic novel before reading the second one. Because I adore this book so much. And reading it once more was just the best thing. I love Iko beyond words. That she has her own graphic novels make me the happiest. The artwork is beyond stunning, I love it lots.

This is my second time reading this, and I know that I'm going to read it many more times. I simply adore Marissa. She is the kindest person and is such an amazing author. I have loved all her books so far, and cannot wait to read whatever she writes next. Her Lunar Chronicles series will always be my favorites.

Reading about Iko and all her adventures again was the best thing. I adore this android girl so much, and her personality is the very best. She's always so much fun and fierce and just so very human, even though she's very much not. This one takes place less than a year after the end of Winter, and it is a book about how Iko is hunting down some rogue mutant wolves on earth. She is so awesome at finding them and capturing them, and she has been doing so well for weeks. But there are some that have escaped her. This might end up badly for her and her friends. And just, oh, I loved this small story a whole bunch. I love how Iko is hunting all these creatures down, how she is doing it for Cinder. Iko is the sweetest. Such an amazing friend too.

I'm not going to write too much about this book this time, just sharing a little bit about why I love it so. And the reason for that is because of how truly amazing Iko is. I adore this girl beyond words. She is such an amazing friend and an even better person. She is not human. But she isn't any less than any other either. She is kind and sweet and just so lovely. And fierce and brave too. Getting to know her more is the best thing. And this being a graphic novel made it even better, as this version of Iko is truly adorable. Love her.

There is so much that I love about this book. There is a whole lot about Iko, and I can't wait to read even more about her. There is much about the other characters from this world as well. Cinder and Kai. Cress and Thorne. Scarlet and Wolf. Winter and Jacin. And my gosh, how I love them. Miss them. Love them. This little peek about them made me so happy. Their friendship with Iko is the best thing. I loved how Iko has a crush on someone, and I ship them so much. Eee. This story is incredible. Exciting and awesome.

I have not re-read the Cinder books since Winter came out, which means I have only read Winter once. Which is totally unacceptable. I'm hoping to find the time to re-read all of the books later this year, eee. They are all amazing. And mean so much to me. And I know I will always love them. Just need the time to read them all. Hmph. But soon, I hope. Because I need to read about these amazing characters again and again. Just reading this short graphic novel made me miss them all like crazy. I adore this world so.

I'm so thrilled that I re-read Wires and Nerve right now. Because I think I loved it even more this second time. It's still so short, though. But amazing. And the second one will be a bit longer, and I cannot wait to start it tomorrow. It's going to be amazing. But also sad, because it's the end of these characters and this world. Ack. I shall not accept that, lol. But anyway. Wires and Nerve is such an incredible story. And I still love it so much. Iko is the most adorable character. I think everyone will love this amazing graphic novel.

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  1. I love graphic novels- but don't remember hearing about this one. Thanks for putting it on my radar. Glad you loved it so much.


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