Saturday, March 3, 2018

Review: Wires and Nerve: Gone Rogue by Marissa Meyer

My love for these characters is the biggest. I'm never going to get tired of reading about this amazing world. Crossing all my fingers that Marissa will write more about all these characters, because I don't want this book to be the end. There is still so much I would love to know about all of them. I do have hope.

This second graphic novel was all kinds of stunning. I adore these characters more than I can say. Iko is such an amazing lead person in this duology. The artwork is also so gorgeous. Different than the first book, took me a little time to get used to it. But it was so lovely and I loved all the drawings very much.

These two graphic novels have been so amazing to read. And I'm so thrilled that Marissa decided to get them done. Reading about Iko has simply been the best, and getting to read about all the other characters too made my heart happy. Must admit, though, that I did not really picture any of the characters in the way they were drawn, lol. But I still loved seeing them all and reading these awesome books. I can't wait to re-read the full books again this year too. Very excited. This whole world that Marissa has created is the best and I love everything about it so so much. Five stars for this awesome new one. Oh, how I hope there will be more books about all these characters. Fingers crossed. Either way, though, I love them all so. The best books.

In this second book, Iko is still hunting for the missing mutant wolves. Their alpha, the leader, is all kinds of awful. And I kept hoping that Iko would finally kill him, haha. There is just so much going on in this one. With getting to know Iko more, getting to know about how she is the way she is. And I loved that a lot. Iko is so precious to me. She's fun and sweet and fierce and so loving. I want all the best for her. Sure, she's an android, but she is the most awesome. I have loved her since the first book. And my love only grows.

I'm not going to talk a lot about this book, just letting you know that I loved it so. Iko is so incredible, and I loved reading about her so much. And getting to read more about all the others too. Eee. Cinder and Kai are still my favorites. But they are all incredible. A bit more about Scarlet and Wolf in this story, I loved it so much. They are so cute together. Eee. This whole story was amazing. And I just don't have words for how much I loved all of it. And so I'm not going to say much more about it either. I simply have no words.

There is a little bit of romance in this book, but not much. I must admit that I wanted a little bit more, haha. But it's fitting that there wasn't too much, to be honest. Instead we get to read more about Iko and Kinney slowly becoming friends, after they have just about hated each other for ages. And that was the sweetest thing. I do ship them a whole lot. But I love their growing friendship. And their bickering too. It's awesome. Kinney did a lot of growing in this book, and I was very happy with all of it. Yay. He was a great character.

Wires and Nerve: Gone Rogue was everything I wanted from this second book. Getting to read about all my favorite characters again was the best thing. Learning more about Iko was incredible. The artwork so stunning too. The writing, as always, perfection. Oh, I cannot wait to read more books by Marissa. If you still haven't read The Lunar Chronicles, you are truly missing out. Because these books are the best. Full of heart and friendships. Full of exciting stories and heartbreaking ones too. They are amazing. Promise.

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