Saturday, March 10, 2018

In My Mailbox #331

Oh. I got the most amazing mail this week. I'm just busy dying over it, eee. <3 So so happy :) This week has been good; I'm still spending so much time with baby niece. She is so adorable. But no kids for me, though, not ever. I blogged a bunch this week too, so yay for that. I shared my review of Wires and Nerve: Gone Rogue :D Then I shared the title reveal for Renegades #2. <3 This week I'm waiting on Fury, ahh :D I took part in the blog tour for The Beauty That Remains. <3 Where I shared my four star review. Then I posted my review of Dread Nation :) I'm behind on catching up, ahh, but how can I focus on that when I have so many amazing books to read? Haha. And also not feeling good enough for catching up. Soon, though, I hope. I need to read LIFEL1K3 next, eee. <3 And I also need to re-read Illuminae and Gemina so that I can read Obsidio, when my hardcover arrives :D I'm so so so excited. And The Dark Descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein too. And Pacifica. Ugh. My current reading list is long and perfect. <3 So excited to read them all. Also, I'm almost getting zero comments on my posts these days, and it's breaking my heart a little. And so, if you are reading this, please comment a little bit. <3 I will comment back :) Hugs. So anyway. This week was pretty good. I'm finally done with the antibiotics pills, so done being nauseous every second. I hope. They did not work, though, so that sucks. Still always in pain, but mostly dealing with it. I read a bit this week, and going to read more, especially with all these amazing books I got this week, and last week too, and ahh. I'm so excited :D Hoping to start LIFEL1K3 today. <3 Cannot wait :D

Hero at the Fall. Eee, hardcover is here too :D I must re-read book one very soon, to finish this series.
Heart of Iron. Oh, I adored this book a whole bunch. And this finished copy is all kinds of stunning. Love.
Pacifica. Ahh, I'm so excited to finally get to read this book :D I have high hopes for it; think I'll love it so.
To Kill a Kingdom. Eeee. I loved this book SO MUCH. And finished copy is beyond beautiful :D Love it.
Reclaiming Shilo Snow. Ack, I must read this book soonish :D I did like book one, and must know more.
Seraphina. Finally got them to send a replacement; two months delayed. Ack. Love love this edition of it.
Midnight Thief + Vitro + Lion Heart. Eee! Thank you so much for trading with me Nicole :D So happy. <3
LIFEL1K3 + The Dark Descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein. OH MY GOSH! I just about died when I got this package in the mail yesterday. EEE! Thank you so so much PRH International :D I'm so happy. <3 And dying. And thankful. And reading them SO SOON and ahh :D Thank you so so much. <3 Love them both.

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  1. Can't wait to see what you think of Lifel1k3, I've been looking forward to it! Is that the hardback for Midnight Thief? It's so pretty. *_*

    1. It's the ARC :D But the hardcover has the same cover. <3

  2. I'm looking forward to Archenemies (hope they keep the font/title style for the final cover), and To Kill A Kingdom seems awesome too :)

  3. What a cutie pie!

    Looks like you got a ton of awesome mail this week. Lot of beautiful books! Enjoy. :)

  4. I've heard really good things about To Kill a Kingdom.

    Your niece looks cute in her little sweater outfit!

    Carina, you should link up your Sunday/In My Mailbox post to Kimba's at the Caffeinated Reader:

    We link ours there, visit other Sunday Post, and get a lot of fellow bloggers leaving comments and visiting our blog from it. :)


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