Saturday, March 3, 2018

In My Mailbox #330

I have not gotten that much done this week, ack, but it's been a good one even so. I feel like I just wrote my IMM for last week yesterday, lol. Time is moving so fast. But wishing it would move even faster; I am hoping it will be warm enough that I can take my spa bath out again by the end of April. Eee. I'm crossing all my fingers. Did not read that much this week, but still read two books. So yay for that. Starting Wires and Nerve 2 today, and reading more after it too. My current reading list is huge :D Also got a bunch of new books this week, ahhh. I have no room. Oh gosh. I'm not sure what to do. Ugh. Oh, well. Blogged a little bit too. I shared my review of The Boat People :) This week I'm waiting on City of Ghosts. <3 Then shared my second review of Wires and Nerve :D I also had a hospital visit this week, to talk to a doctor. Ugh. Body still isn't good after five weeks of new medicine. Stomach sucks. New psoriasis everywhere. And just not feeling very good. Now testing a week of antibiotics as well. Hoping I will start feeling better soon. Fingers crossed. But yeah, did some shopping that day, ack. Couldn't resist :D This week I also got a ton of books. Gosh. Also waiting for some awesome ones; very happy about that. <3 Had a good week.

Tess of the Road. Eee, hardcover and international paperback :D I loved this book very much. Gorgeous.
Obsidio. Ahh, my pre-ordered UK paperback :D It is STUNNING. I have peeked, haha. <3 So so excited.
The Traitor Prince + The Wish Granter + The Shadow Queen. Eee! Personalized books :D I am so happy with these stunning books. Love them all. Adore CJ. Thank you Parnassus Books for getting them for me.
Cuckoo Song. Eee, won this from the awesome Becky :D Thank you lovely. <3 Excited to try this soonish.
Dragon Bones. I must admit to being awfully far behind on these books. Ahh. But own them all at least :D
Daughter of the Siren Queen. Despite not liking this much, I still wanted to own this stunning hardcover.
The Raven Boys. Eee, finally out in paperback :D With new story too. And, uhm, I haven't read this yet.
To Kill a Kingdom. Oh, I loved this one. Finished and UK ARC :D Thank you Ilsa for trading the ARC. <3
Ace of Shades + Dread Nation + The Lies They Tell + Monday's Not Coming. Thank you HarperCollins International for all of these stunning ARCs :D Though did not request that second one, so I will not be reading it, as I hated her first book. Ack. But the other three looks so so good. Reading them all soon.
The Beauty That Remains. Thank you so much PRH International for this :D Taking part in the blog tour.
Renegades. Eee, another edition of this gorgeous book :D I know, had to get two copies, haha. Love it.

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  1. So many beautiful looking covers. Wow! I consider that a lot to get in your mailbox. :)

    Hope the antibiotics work their magic this week and you start feeling better. Warm weather is around the corner. :)

  2. I hope you feel better soon! I know it has been a long unending road for you but hopefully something will work soon. <3 I love the various editions of To Kill a Kingdom! I read the book and then gave away my ARC but I really enjoyed it. Might need to add a hardcover to my shelves. :D

    Happy reading, Carina! I hope you enjoy all of your new books!

    Have a lovely weekend. =)

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

  3. Such a gorgeous (and HUGE) haul! So many pretty editions, I love seeing them all. ♥


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