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Review: Gemina by Jay Kristoff & Amie Kaufman

So happy to have finally read this book a second time. I feel like I loved it even more this time, and had an amazing time reading it. It broke my heart a bunch, but it was so so much fun too and just completely amazing. I fully love this world that Jay and Amie has created so much, and I truly can't wait to read Obsidio next. Eee.

My mind is a little blank about what to share about this stunning book. I shall not write such a long review this time, I think, but I need to share my feelings for this awesome book a second time. I love that Gemina is written in the same way as Illuminae, told through messages and video footage and stunning artwork too.

This second book tells the story of Nik and Hanna. It is still set around the same time as the first book, and there are very small mentions of Kady and Ezra too. I must admit that I wanted more of them, but I am feeling more okay about them not being in this one a lot this second time reading this book. Because this time I knew what was coming, and I was able to enjoy everything much more. I'm very happy about that. Because reading about Nik and Hanna was the very best thing. Eee. The story takes place over just a few days, and I loved that. Gemina is full of twists and weird things and some freaky cows too. It was the best. This book was also all kinds of creepy, and I loved that the most. And also full of space. Which is truly awesome. Everything was perfect.

These characters were the best to read about. Yeah, I love Ezra and Kady the most, but Nik and Hanna were amazing as well. I loved Nik a little bit more, but they were both awesome. This book takes place on Heimdall, this big jump station, where other space ships come to travel far away. It was such an amazing setting to read about. Creepy when things went bad. And just all kinds of awesome. There is so so much about this plot that I loved, and I am not going to mention most of it, just a small note to say I loved it tons.

My biggest love in this book was Nik. This boy just about killed me. I loved getting to know him. His past broke my heart. I love how strong and amazing he was. I adored his crush on Hanna. I very much loved his relationship with his cousin, Ella. I loved how he managed to do so much, despite some mistakes. He was brave and I loved him oh so much. Sigh. The cutest boy. And eee, Ella was adorable too. I wish to read more about her as well. She was awesome at a computer, and just so much fun too. Loved her so.

Then there was Hanna. I must admit to still feeling a little bit conflicted about my feelings for her. I love her so. But I was also a little bit upset with her at times. I didn't like how she kind of kept leading Nik on, and how she was rude to him in the beginning. But I also adored her so much. Getting to know her was the best. She seems like a spoiled rich girl, and she is, at times, but she is so much more too. She was amazing at fighting and she was smart as well. I loved how she grew in this book. I grew to love her too.

What I loved the most was reading about Nik and Hanna together. They have been chatting for some time now, as he is selling her some drugs. See, Nik is from a very criminal family. And it was awesome. I loved reading about it. Also, a bit of heartbreak too. Nik and Hanna are not really friends. He wants to be, and wants more, but she is mostly just flirting with him, I think. Because Hanna has a boyfriend. And have had him for six months. Hmph. That still bothers me. But also not too much, this second read, thankfully.

I will mention a little bit about the romance in this book. Hanna has a boyfriend, for most of the book, but when things go bad in this place, things go bad with her relationship too. And I loved that so much, haha. They did not love each other, which was good. Because I did not like that boy at all. Hanna and Nik was meant to be, at least in my eyes. And their growing friendship and relationship meant the very very most to me. They were so cute to read about. Full of banter. And also getting to know each other. Loved that.

My review is kind of a mess. But my feelings about this book is a mess too. I loved Gemina so much. It was an excellent second book. And I'm beyond dying to finally get to read the final book next. I haven't mentioned the plot in this book yet. Just going to say that it was amazing. And that the Heimdall station is under attack, from the same people that attacked Kady and Ezra's home. A lot of people die. Things go bad. And it was so amazing to read about. This book was awful and amazing and I loved it beyond words.

There is so much I could say about Gemina. And I have already written more than I was planning to. And not nearly all that I wanted to. Just wanted to share a little bit about why I love this book so much. Which I think I managed to do. Probably. Reading about Nik and Hanna was the very best and I adored them so. This book ruined me a little. And that ending. Gosh. It was so good. I cannot wait to read the rest of this story. I'm just a little bit unable to put all my thoughts into words right now. Simply loved this one so much.

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  1. Loved all your messy feelings about this story! This trilogy continues to be one of my favorites!


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