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Review: A World Without Princes by Soman Chainani

This has been my fourth time reading this book as well. And oh, how I am in love with this world and these characters. And I love this book so much. But I must also say that it is my least favorite of them all, simply because while I love it tons, it also hurts me at just about every single page. Such a good book, but very painful.

I'm not going to say too much about this precious this time. As I have already written about it a bunch of times and so my mind is just about empty. Because I love these books so much and I just want to continue my re-read of them all, lol. I cannot wait to read book four and then five and six in a few years. It will be so good.

Anyway. Like in all books by Soman, the writing in this one was all kinds of awesome. I love it oh so much. It's so easy to get lost in this book. And oh, how much I love this world that Soman has created. It is all kinds of fun and horrible and so interesting and exciting to read about. I love fairy tales. I love how we learn more about some classic tales in each book. And I love how it centers on the fairy tale of Agatha and Sophie. The books are their story. It is such an exciting story. Full of heartbreak and betrayal and romance and awesome friendships. There are witches and princesses. Schools for good and evil. Though in this book, it's the schools for girls and then for boys. Which was all kinds of awful, haha. And I loved reading about all of it so much. Best story.

Like in book one, this book is mostly told from the point of view of Agatha and Sophie. And I like that oh so much, because I love reading from both of them. But yeah. My favorite is Agatha, always. I just love getting to know this girl so, so much. Though she did not have that much point of view time in this book. Hmph. But still new things to love about her. And new things to have my heart broken about. Agatha is such a good person. She makes some mistakes at times, but they aren't big. I just love her oh so much.

I'm not going to share details about the plot this time. I have no energy for it; though the plot is all kinds of exciting and I loved every moment so much. There is another Trial by Tale, and it's so very horrible yet so awesome. There are some awful characters in this book as well, and they make everything worse. Hmph. But there are also a lot of fun moments and some sweet ones too. Less romance in this, I think, though that ending was mostly perfect. Yesss. But I need more. And I ship Agatha and Tedros oh so very much.

I can't help but mention this. I have noticed that each time I read these books I end up caring less and less for Sophie. And it's happening this time too. I'm growing more angry with her. And right now I am so upset with her that I don't like her at all. Gosh. There are parts of her that are likeable, sure. But I'm angry. She's always hurting Agatha. And even worse in book three. Yet Agatha is such a good person and she always forgives her and ahhh. I'm not okay with this. I mean, Sophie would have killed her in book one.

And just. Sophie does so so many awful and evil things in these books. Yet she is always forgiven. And I don't think that's fair. I don't think it's fair at all. Kind of want her to suffer more. I want her to have to make people forgive her, I want her to have to earn it. And in these first three books she has not earned it at all. Hmph. I know that Sophie is Soman's favorite. And I wonder if that is why she's always forgiven. And it makes me even more sad that I can't love her too. Ahh. But I just can't forgive her always hurting Agatha.

Aaanyway. I'm rambling too much. Despite my conflicted feelings for Sophie, I do still like reading about her. I just see her as a villain, in a way. She has some awesome scenes, yes, but she's also the one that made my heart hurt all the time while re-reading this book. I couldn't stand how she could keep trying to hurt Agatha all the time. And still think she's a good person. Hmph. But yeah. This book is still all kinds of awesome and I loved reading it for the fourth time. And I know I will read and love it many more times too.

If you have read book one, but not book two, then get moving. Because it's an awesome sequel and book three is even better. Ahh. You all need to read these books. Because they are simply perfection. Agatha is the very best person and I need you all to meet and love her too. I might have shared a little too much about my feelings in this review. Sorry about that. I just feel so much for these characters and this story and this world. It's such an amazing tale. But oh so heartbreaking and ahh. My heart can barely take it all.

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  1. I have been wanting to read this book and series for a while. I have heard such good things about it. Loved your review! :)


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