Saturday, September 30, 2017

Review: The School for Good and Evil by Soman Chainani

This is my fourth time reading The School for Good and Evil. And I will never not love this book. Sigh. I was a little worried reading the book this time, because I feared I wouldn't survive how sad it would make me. But I managed it. I still love this book to pieces. Even if it broke my heart on just about every page. Hmph. Rude.

This book is simply amazing. I don't know how else to describe it. I'm not going to write a long review of this book this time, as I feel like I have probably said everything I could say about this lovely book so far, lol. But even so, I'm going to write down some of my feelings for it. I am just so thrilled that I loved my fourth read of it.

I mean, I didn't think I wouldn't love this fourth read. I just worried it would hurt a lot. And it did, but it was not too bad. The worst is yet to come, in book two and three, haha. But the pain is worth it. Because this story is beyond stunning. And these characters are so amazing to read about. This whole world is perfection. There is so much to love about this. The writing is so good. Everything about this book was the best. And I'm so happy with how much I love all of these books. Yesss. And so happy that for now it seems like Soman is not going to quit anytime soon with writing about these characters. I'm so happy. If you still haven't read these books, you are truly missing out. This series is a mix between young adult and middle grade. And it is perfect. Amazing story.

I'm truly not going to say much about the book this time. Just some short things about how it made me feel. Which was terrible, haha. Because it's all kinds of sad at times. Yet it is also so much fun and so full of hope and love and friendship. I simply loved every moment of this book. Even the heartbreaking parts. Because the characters are worth it. They are worth every pain. Okay, I say they, but whom I really mean is Agatha. And she is still my one love. Okay, I adore all of the characters, but Agatha the most. Always.

And I will mention that Agatha deserves all the love. And she deserves to be happy and she deserves to have people treating her like a queen. Which better happen in book four to six. Hmph. I'm still waiting on it. But anyway. This book is told from the point of view of Agatha and Sophie, for the most part. And I did love that. And oh, how I loved getting to know Agatha all over again. She's simply the best. I loved the old version of her. I loved how she slowly changed a little, but how she was always good and kind. The best.

This book is about Sophie and Agatha. They are best friends. Though I wouldn't really call them that, as Sophie only started hanging out with Agatha as her good deed or whatever. Hmph. But even so. I did like reading about them as friends, even though I was so angry with Sophie all the time, because she really truly treated Agatha horribly. And I will not forgive that. So rude. Not okay. But even so. Was interesting and exciting to read about Sophie too. Because she was so evil, yet trying to be good. I loved her mostly.

There is so much happening in this book. And I'm not going to talk about it all over again. But do know that the plot is amazing and the schools for Good and Evil were all kinds of fun and horrifying to read about. The trials were so good. The mix ups between good and evil were fun to read about, though so heartbreaking. I love Tedros so much, but he was being such an idiot in this book. Hmph. But anyway. I love Agatha the very most and I loved reading about her again. And this whole book. Love it so much.

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  1. I love the school for good and evil. Looking forward to reading more in the series soon :-)


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