Saturday, October 28, 2017

Review: Lyra's Oxford by Philip Pullman

This is my third time reading this very short story. And I still love it so very much. I could not resist reading it again just now, after having re-read the trilogy and then read La Belle Sauvage. And especially after I found out that there were mentions of Malcolm in this short story. Small mentions, but he's there, and I loved it.

Lyra's Oxford is so short. But it's more about Lyra, and I am so pleased with this tiny book. This takes place two years after The Amber Spyglass, and Lyra is going to school. But not too much about what her life is like, but a few small peeks, and I liked that a whole lot. I just love learning more about Lyra. She's the best.

And oh, how I can't wait for the next Book of Dust book, where Lyra will be around twenty years old. My biggest fear is that she will have moved on from Will. But I also don't think that she will, don't think she will ever do that. I hope so, anyway. In this short story, she thinks about him a little, and it simply broke my heart. Aw. So sad. Yet the most awesome to read about, even so. I so adored reading more about Lyra and Pan, and their very special bond. It's the cutest. There is a small story in this book, where Lyra is rescuing a witch's dæmon; helping him find someone. It was so short, yet so interesting too, and I'm full of questions about what may happen next. I know it's been years since Philip wrote this story, but hoping it fits with all the upcoming books too.

I'm so glad that I read this short story again. Because I had forgotten the small details. And I don't even think that all of those extra pages at the end of it were in my older version of the book. I read the newest paperback version, which is beyond gorgeous. And those extra pages at the end of the book were full of small information and it was the best. I simply love this world that Philip has created more than I can say. Lyra is the very best, and I cannot wait to read even more about her soon. I'm hoping for more of Will too.

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