Thursday, October 22, 2015

Review: Vicious by V. E. Schwab

I have been meaning to read this book for a long time. As I adore Victoria. She's an awesome person and author. And I thought Vicious sounded like an amazing book. Happy to say that I enjoyed it a lot. Was nervous about reading it, as I don't read adult books at all. So feared I wouldn't like it. But I did :)

But oh, how do I even begin to talk about this book. It was different. And I had some issues with the beginning. But I ended up loving it and ended up enjoying the writing a lot. The last part, almost half, of the book was so so exciting. I was so worried. And it was a lot of fun too. So yeah. I liked this book.

I have decided to give Vicious four stars. Not five, because I had some issues at times, but still four, because I liked it a lot, and the story was exciting, and I adored all the characters. Well, except for a few awful ones. But for the most part this book was all kinds of awesome. Not the best one, yet I'm so glad I read it, because I did like it a lot. And I do adore the author a lot too. Anyway. This book takes place over three days. Most on the third one. But there are also a lot of long sort-of flashbacks to other times, like ten years ago and one year ago and so on. I liked those flashbacks a lot too. Well, most of them were pretty exciting and interesting. I enjoyed reading all of them. The writing was awesome. Characters the best.

Then there were the characters in this one. The story is centered around Victor and Eli, former best friends. It has been ten years since they last saw each other; and Victor have been in jail all this time. Sad face. So he is now thirty two years old. Which bothered me a bit, but I didn't mind all that much, as I did grow to like him a whole lot. He is my second favorite person. And he's a good person. Sure, he might be a bit awful, and hurts some people, yet he isn't a mean person. I thought he was awesome.

And then there was Eli. Sigh. I'm not sure what I thought about him. Okay, fine, that is a lie. I know what I thought of him. And it wasn't anything nice. I didn't like this man at all. He murdered so many people. And not for a good reason even. And he turned Victor in to the police. So not okay. And I just. I didn't like Eli at all. He killed so many people. He even tried to kill precious Sydney. Hmph. He also goes on and on about God in his mind. I didn't like that at all. Oh, well. I'm pretty okay with not liking him :)

Precious Sydney. She is the character I loved the most. And she is just about to turn thirteen years old. So young. And already gotten so broken. I cannot. Reading about her was the most interesting parts of this book, and I loved it so much. Loved getting to know her. And her past. And her truly crazy sister, Serena. Whom I hated. A lot. But she was interesting. Her powers were exciting, yet so wrong. I didn't like her much at all. Hmph. But Sydney. She was the cutest. And I wish to get to know her much more.

"Sydney, look at me." He rested his hands on the car roof and leaned in. "No one is going to hurt you.
 Do you know why?" She shook her head, and Victor smiled. "Because I'll hurt them first."

There were a bunch of other characters in this book too. And I liked reading about them all. Especially Mitch, whom Victor was in jail with. He was just so awesome. And getting to know him was so great. I wish to read more about him as well. He was a great friend. Big and soft. I adored him. A new character at the end of the book was Dominic. And he was so interesting to get to know a little bit. His powers especially. I wish to get to know him more, I think. But worried after that ending. Ack. It was so bloody.

And now I shall try to talk a little bit about the plot in this book. It is about villains and heroes. About how Eli thinks he's a hero, yet I'm pretty sure he is the biggest villain there is. And lots of other things too. This book is about superpowers. About two college roommates researching and wanting to try get powers on their own. It was a bit confusing in the beginning, yet still interesting. I liked knowing how they got their powers. And who died while it happened. Just, how it was done. It was written pretty well.

The story in this one is about Victor having broken out of jail. About him wanting revenge on Eli, wanting him dead, for getting him locked up. And I don't blame him one bit. I liked how they interacted. How they thought about each other. But yeah. I want Eli dead so badly. He's just an awful person. Sure, I'm interested in getting to know more about him, but he is such a villain. Shudders. Anyway. I loved seeing how Victor met Sydney. I liked how sort-of close they became. I just adored them all so much.

I'm not going to say more about this book. I just have so many thoughts about it. I had some issues with the writing in the beginning, with focusing, but I got past it, and ended up enjoying the book a lot. The plot was exciting. The characters were awesome. I adored reading about the different superpowers. So awesome. Vicious was a brilliant book. I enjoyed reading it so much. I cannot wait to read the sequel as well. Hope it will be out soon :D Anyway. You should read this book. Curious to know what you all think.


  1. So glad to hear you liked this book! I haven't read it, but it sounds great and 4 stars is awesome. :) Great review! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I still haven't read anything by Victoria, but I KNOW I need to. I have one of her books on my shelves so it will happen. This one sounds fantastic though. It's been on my mental wish list for awhile now. I'm glad you gave it a shot and really liked it!


  3. I have heard many good things about Schwab's writing, so I'm glad to see that you ended up enjoying this one overall Carina. I'm hoping to make time for it pretty soon. Great review!

  4. I'm really glad to hear you really enjoyed this one even if you had some issues! I still need to read it, hopefully soon (once I unpack all my book boxes and find it)! Thank you for your review sweetie!

  5. I have this one on my TBR because I know a lot of people have been loving it. It sounds like the world building was done really well and that the plot was interesting. It's a shame about not being able to like all of the characters (like Eli, for example) but some others did work out well for you!


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