Saturday, October 3, 2015

In My Mailbox #205

This week went by so fast. Ahh. I got to read a bit, and that does make me very happy. <3 Health still sucks, and that is just depressing. Some other things made me sad this week too. Sigh. But lots of good things as well. I got some gorgeous mail, and I'm thrilled about it all. So that makes me all kinds of happy :D I'm behind on things, as usual, but working on getting caught up. But days are going by so fast, and I always have so much other things to do that aren't on my laptop. So it takes some time to catch up and such. But I'm working on it. Just so exhausted too. Hmph. But yes. This post was a bit late today, as I was busy spending time with family. <3 Which is always good. Posts this week. I read The Accidental Afterlife of Thomas Marsden, which was good, but a bit disappointing. I posted another Cress Tuesday. <3 Love. And then I read and loved Ungodly SO MUCH. This week I'm waiting on Their Fractured Light. <3 I posted mini reviews for short stories When Gods and Vampires Roamed Miami and then The Dogs of Athens. <3 And then I FINALLY got to read Six of Crows :D AHHH. It was so perfect. I loved it so much.

Six of Crows. STUNNING :D They finally arrived. I loved it to pieces. I love my books so much. Ahh.
The Shrunken Head. I'm going to read this one very soon. It looks so pretty. I very much want to love it.
Jurassic World Lego. Ahh, I had to buy myself this game. Nephew loves it. I.. well. Too much work, lol.
Mario Party 10. Eeeek. So glad I finally got to buy this game. I love it a lot. I wish to play it more often.
Still Alice. I got this one because I think it looks interesting. And KS. But I don't like her anymore. Hmm.
Kingsman. I saw this yesterday. It was pretty good. But silly, lol. That ass thing at the end was just.. no.
Mad Max: Fury Road. Eeek! I'm so excited to re-watch this movie very soon. Loved it so much. Stunning.
A Walk Among the Tombstones. I'm curious about this movie. Please let it be good. Crossing my fingers.
Inside Out. Another pretty book. <3 And Anger and Fear Pop!'s below :D Eeek. They are very gorgeous.  
How To Train Your Dragon. A few more precious episode books or whatever. <3 They are just so pretty.
Castiel. Finally got this regular Castiel version. <3 Now I have three of him. Ahh. SO GORGEOUS. Love.
Maximus. I finally got this precious Pop. <3 I love him lots. Rapunzel & Tiana still not shipped. Sad face.
Thor. YAY! I adore this fabrikation. He is all kinds of stunning. Also have Tony. Can't wait to buy more.

How To Train Your Dragon. EEEEK! The Book Depository suddenly got a lot of these books back in stock, from Australia. And I had to buy them all right away. I don't regret it at all. They are stunning. Ahh. I love books like these, lol. I'm so thrilled I got to buy them all. And from first movie too :D So precious.

Rise of the Guardians. All of these from Australia too. They are perfection. I adore this movie so much.
The Croods. Ahh, these are perfection. <3 I love them the most. This movie is so cute. Eeek. Precious.
Epic. I liked this movie a lot too, and so much love for all of these awesome books. Ack. Like them lots.

Jodi Meadows Swag. EEEEK! Thank you SO MUCH Jodi :D Perfection. I love it all to pieces. Love it. <3
The Witch Hunter Swag. Thank you so much Virginia :D This was a big surprise, and a lovely one at that. This swag is all kinds of gorgeous. <3 A bit sad, as I didn't love the book, but this swag is perfect. Ack.

More Instagram photos here. <3


  1. So glad you loved Six of Crows! I just got it this week and I hope I can read it soon. And that Jodi Meadows swag looks lovely <3
    Hope you enjoy your haul this week, Carina :)

  2. So many copies of Six of Crows. I hope you love all your new books this week.

    Grace @ Books of Love

  3. oh geez. I went to the bookstore today in search of Six of Crows, but they didn't have any. Gah. They only have 6 in the city and none in the bookstore near me. Bah. Yay, for a great reading week!

  4. OH my goodness, love all the Jodi Meadows swag!! Aaaa we loved Kingsman. SO very silly--and yes, the dumb ass thing at the end, could have done without that. But I love when all the heads blow up to Pomp & Cirumstance! Haha xD

  5. YAY for all sorts of awesome swag!! And YAY for amazing books arriving in the mail! I also got my copy of SoC and I'm re-reading it right now!
    I hope your health will improve soon sweetie! *hugs*

  6. Great haul- Happy reading and have a great upcoming week.

  7. I am so impressed with the swag! Especially Jodi's, they are so lovely. I hope you have a great week, Carina!

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

  8. Ahhh, so much swag and books! I hope you enjoy all your books :D

  9. Ooh, look at all of that! I'm obsessed with the stained pages on Six of Crows. TOO gorgeous. We have the Maximus at work and I'm DYING to get it--same with Tiana, she's adorable, so you won't be disappointed! :D I hope you're having a great week, Carina!


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