Saturday, October 10, 2015

In My Mailbox #206

This week wasn't all that good. I didn't read anything at all. I can blame Six of Crows being so amazing, lol, that I didn't want to read anything, but that wasn't the case. Though it was that amazing :D But I didn't have time to read anything. I have spent all week with sister and nephew, playing Wii U games. Especially Jurassic World Lego. Ahh. I do like it. But I didn't feel like playing it just yet, lol, but nephew forced me to :p So yeah. Haven't had any time for reading. But last night I starter A Sliver of Stardust. Which I will finish today. But not loving it, so that sucks. Ugh. I will be reading lots more this upcoming week for sure. So many amazing books that I wish to read. <3 Anyway. I have spent way too much money lately. Buying so many things. Ack. But I just love it so much, lol. Tomorrow my blog turns four years old. I will be holding a big international giveaway. It will cost me tons to ship, but I'm still doing it :) Few blog posts this week. But another two teaser Cress Tuesday. <3 I'm waiting on The Forbidden Wish :D And I shared the cover for Some Kind of Happiness. <3 It is just the prettiest. What did you get this week?

Slasher Girls & Monster Boys. Well. I wanted refund, got new copies. Amazon is the best. So pretty :)
The Anatomy of Curiosity. I adore Maggie. So I had to buy this one. Haven't read the first one, though :)
Twilight: Life and Death. The 10th anniversary edition. It do look pretty awesome :D Curious about it.
Allegiant. I had to buy this collector edition. <3 It is just all kinds of gorgeous. Love all the bonus stuff.
The Unwanteds: Island of Graves. I must read the rest of these books :D This is number 6. <3 Pretty.
The School for Good and Evil. Two book paperback boxset. <3 I just. Couldn't help myself. It is so pretty.
Magnus Chase. I will read this one soon. I will. It is so pretty. And I aadored the Percy Jackson books. <3
Ungodly. Eeek :D Thank you so much Alexis at Tor Teen. <3 You are the sweetest. I LOVED this book.
The New Hunger. I liked Warm Bodies a whole lot years ago. So I had to get this one too, hih. Pretty.
The Golden Compass. 20th anniversary edition. Ahhh! LOOK HOW PRETTY IT IS. Perfection. Love.
Kendare Blake Swag. Ahhh. This is perfect. Thank you so much Kendare. <3 Sniffs. It is SO PRETTY :D

Inside Out. New gorgeous book from this awesome movie. <3 Isn't it just so precious looking? Love it.
Disney Short Films Collection. Finally bought this from Amazon :D I do love a lot of these short movies.
Snowpiercer + Tremors 5. I was curious about these. So I had to buy them :D Rewatching Tremors soon.
How To Train Your Dragon. Toothless. <3 New cutie :D A bit expensive now, ugh, but I just needed him.
Ariel + Charlie Pop's. Two new gorgeous figures :D I adore them. They are just way too cute. Ack. <3
The Blacklist. First CD from Amazon arrived broken. So they sent a new one :D I am very pleased.
A Darker Shade of Magic + Percy Jackson Bookmarks. These are GORGEOUS. And I had to buy them via Etsy. Buuuut. I ordered THREE sets of the first four. I only got one. Just, ugh. One is for giveaway..

Pillows. Look at these precious from Society 6 :D Supernatural and Spirited Away. <3 I just adore them.

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  1. So many amazing things in the mail!! YAY for awesome signed swag! Kendare is awesome!!
    I hope you'll get to read loads next week dearie!

  2. Ohhh that Twilight book! Want. :)

  3. Supernatural pillow!!! I may have to get that for my daughter. OMG the Unwanteds series is already on #6?? I read book one--I guess I need to do some catching up! :D That copy of Golden Compass is just stunningly gorgeous!

  4. WASN'T SIX OF CROWS DELIGHTFUL!!?!??! I feel like I had been waiting for that moment for forever - when Carina reads Six of Crows. :D So glad you loved it! I adore those pillows. I hope you enjoy all of your new books!

    Thanks for visiting my blog! Have a fantastic week, Carina. :)

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

  5. Gorgeous pillows. Hope you enjoy your books and movies and have a great upcoming week.

  6. I really want to read Life and Death because, you know, Stephanie Meyer <3 I'll basically consume anything she writes so I know I am going to be getting to that eventually! I have also had my eye on Magnus Chase for a while. I have read Allegiant and I found it to be okay, but a good conclusion to the series so it is well worth reading!


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