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Review: Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo

I have waited the longest to get to read this book. I wanted so badly to get an ARC of it, but that did not happen. And so I had to wait. But once my pre-orders finally arrived, I could wait no more. And oh, how I loved this book. I loved it to pieces. Like I knew I would. Because Leigh writes aamazing books. So good.

I don't know where to begin. So I will start by saying that I adore Leigh Bardugo so much. She's so kind and awesome and gorgeous and she writes so well. I adored her Grisha Trilogy so much, and I'm thrilled to say that I love this new series of hers too. Her words are precious. The writing in this was the best.

Six of Crows is told from many different point of views. And I adored every single one of them. The characters are all amazing. But hmm. I don't think I saw a Wylan chapter, and I want that very much. In the next book, please. But oh, how I loved this book. There are so many people to care about. And I loved them all. So much. My favorite is Kaz. Whom is all kinds of broken and damaged. Yet so strong and a bit evil and closed off, yet I adored him. I just wish people would try better to get him to care more. I felt like they didn't try at all. And that hurts my heart a bit. Hmph. But yeah, Kaz could be pretty cruel. But even so. I loved him the most. And I loved getting to know him more and more. But I still don't know him well enough :)

This is a book about criminals. And they all are so. Well, except for Wylan. But the rest of them are pretty awful. They have all killed a bunch of people. I must say that I found that all kinds of exciting, lol. They were all awesome. This new series does not have anything to do with the Grisha books. But I think something might be happening in book two. But there are a few veeery tiny peeks at the other books, and I loved that. I miss Mal so much. Sigh. None of him in this one, though, lol. Which is okay. Mostly.

Because my heart is now full of all these new characters too. As I said, I loved Kaz the most. He is all kinds of broken and I loved it. I just want someone to love and care for him. Sigh. Next favorite was Matthias. A Fjerdan. His people were all kinds of crazy. So interesting and exciting and I liked it lots. But yeah. Matthias was an amazing boy. And I loved him lots. But oh, he just spent a whole year in prison. That is so not okay. So he is a bit broken too. But mostly angry. I must say, I didn't blame him.

I also adored Jesper like crazy. He was all kinds of adorable. And oh my gosh, I shipped him and Wylan so much. Sigh. I need them together in book two like crazy. But aw, I hope it is possible for Wylan to change back a bit. Fingers crossed. But yes. I adored Jesper. And Wylan. Though Jesper made one bad choice that we get to know about at the end of the book. And that just broke my heart. I don't blame him for it. Sort of. But it hurts my heart. I wish he will be forgiven for it. That he forgives himself too.

Then there was Inej, whom I adored so much. Her past broke my heart into a million pieces. I cannot deal with it. It hurts too much. I'm not okay with what happened to her, where she had to work for a year. Ahh. Hurts. But she is so strong now. I loved her lots. Though I felt like she could have given Kaz a better chance. Hmph. But even so, I ship Kaz and Inej so much. Ack. It may never happen, because of how broken Kaz is, but I want it badly. And I have hope that it will. So it better, lol. I need it to happen.

Another main character was Nina. Whom is the one I liked the least. But I loved her too. And I did spend a lot of the book liking her lots. But she also got Matthias thrown into prison for a whole year. And I'm not forgiving that. I'm just not. She needs to make up for it a lot more. Ugh. But at the same time, I ship them so much. Ahh. They are the cutest. And I need them together. But yes. I need her to make up for her mistakes too. Matthias did not deserve what she did to him. Sigh. But still. I did love her a lot.

There is so much about this book. And I will try to explain it a bit more. But oh, I'm not sure I can. It was just perfection. And I loved every moment. Yes, it is a bit slow at times, but I loved it lots. Because it is always interesting. And I loved getting to know the characters more. Reading about Kaz's past. It was so heartbreaking. And so exciting too. And my heart is just aching for this boy. I want him all the best. I loved every part of him. Especially that his leg is bad. Ugh. He is just way too cute. I adore him.

There is no romance in this book. But it is hinted at. And I think all my couples will happen in the sequel. Okay, they may not, they might all die, but I hope they will all end up together and alive. Kaz and Inej would be so adorable together. But I'm most worried about them getting together. Ack. Might never happen. And Matthias and Nina. I adore them. Conflicted feelings, but I want them together so badly. And ugh. Jesper and Wylan. I want them together the most, I think. They are just really cute together.

Now I really must mention the plot a bit. But it is so difficult to talk about. It was amazing to read about, though. They all live in Ketterdam, and they are all criminals. I loved reading about how they lived in this town, how they got by. It was most heartbreaking to read about Inej, I think. But I'm not sure. They were all so amazing and broken. Hmph. There are lots of other people too. Other gangs. So many people end up dead. It was all kinds of fun to read about. There is a lot of fighting. I loved it lots.

But yes. The plot in this book. There is a new job for Kaz, the sort-of leader of the Dregs. Kaz is the worst of them all and I loved him for it. This new job will give them all so much money. But it is also the most dangerous thing. But Kaz wants it. So he gets together a crew. Those lovely characters above. And then the story truly begins. It is so exciting to read about. Their journey at sea. Across Fjerda. I loved reading every moment of it. And ohh, the maps inside are just beyond gorgeous. I want them big size.

I think that is just about all I had to say about this book. I'm so glad I finally got the chance to read it, after waiting so long. But still looking for that precious ARC box, if anyone is looking to trade. Sigh. I cannot wait for the sequel in this duology. It will be perfection. So excited. Six of Crows was spectacular. I loved every moment of it. The characters are all criminals yet the most amazing people I have read about. I loved this book to pieces. And I cannot wait to get to read it again. You must all buy it. Now.

There was no part of him that was not broken, that had not healed wrong, 
and there was no part of him that was not stronger for having been broken.

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Update: Newer and better review of the book can be found here.


  1. I so happy to hear you also loved this book!! It is just all sorts of amazing and I ship all the ships and I JUST CANNOT WAIT FOR BOOK 2!!!! My poor dear Inej!! She's my favourite and I'm so worried for her!!
    Great review sweetie!!

  2. Did I tell you this book is a hot commodity in my city? I can't even get a copy at my bookstore. Blargggh.

  3. Yay! I haven't read my copy yet, but I'm excited to! I know it'll be awesome. :D


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