Sunday, October 18, 2015

Review: Carry On by Rainbow Rowell

I think I'm going to say that this is the best book I have read this year. Why? Because it gave me butterflies. Actual real butterflies in my stomach. I haven't felt that in forever. But I felt it for Simon and Baz. And their romance. And it was the best feeling in the world. This book was simply perfection.

I just cannot deal with how perfect this book was. I couldn't stop reading once I started it today. I mean, I knew I would love it. But I didn't know I would love it this much. Sigh. The writing is stunning. The plot was exciting and interesting. The characters were amazing to read about. I adored them.

I don't even know how to write about this precious book. It looks gorgeous. And it is oh so pretty beneath the jacket cover. It is over five hundred pages, but it felt like much less than that, because I never wanted this book to end. Every page was amazing. Even though Baz doesn't show up until sometime after a hundred and fifty pages. Hmph. But reading about Simon was the very best. He's so cute. And so hungry. And skinny. And that just broke my heart. Sniffs. I love how he ate all the time, how much he ate too. I loved reading about his obsession with Baz, his sworn-enemy. There are some flashbacks to the previous seven years spent at the school. And they were all amazing. So much love. So interesting.

Carry On is a book about magic. A book about Simon Snow being the Chosen One. About him being the most powerful. Yet not being able to control his magic at all. It began as a fanfiction in the book Fangirl by Rainbow. And it is not the same as Harry Potter at all. Just so you know. It is much better. And I love Harry. But I loved Simon Snow even more. The books are different. And that's that. Now I must try to figure out how to write about this book. Because I loved it the very most. And I wish to share my love.

This book is the story of eighteen year old Simon. Whom is at his last year at a magic school. He is trying to stop a villain, who has the most silly name, lol. I adored getting to know Simon. Just, ugh. He was perfect. So cute and awesome. I loved how he wasn't the best at doing magic, but how he still tried his best. Loved how kind he was. Mostly, I just adored reading about Simon. I adored his relationship with his roommate, Baz. How they hated each other at first, lol. It was the cutest. Just so much love.

Simon also has a best friend. Penelope. And oh my gosh how much I adored her. She was so much fun and so smart and so kind and always there for Simon. Their friendship meant so much to me. I adored reading about her and getting to know her. This book is mostly told from Simon's point of view, but a few more too. Like Penny and Baz. And I loved it the most. Such amazing friendships. Such gorgeous writing. Such an awesome plot too. Sorry, my brain is a bit all over the place. I just loved it so much.

There was one character that I did not love in this book. And that was Agatha. Simon's girlfriend. Well, they never kiss in this book, and it has been sort-of over between them for a long time, though it takes them a few weeks to finally break it off. But point is. I didn't like her. She wasn't that kind to Simon at all. She would have cheated on him, if she could. And that's not okay. She also wasn't a nice person. Not even to Penny. Hmph. I didn't like how the book ended with her. But I wish I could have liked her more.

I will have you know that the romance in Carry On is the sweetest thing ever. Sure, it doesn't start right away. Which is a bit depressing, as I loved seeing them together the very most. But when it does start, it is the most perfect this. I cannot deal with it. The romance is with Simon and Baz. And oh my gosh. It is the best thing I have read. I loved their first kiss. And their second. And the next one. And ugh. It seriously gave me butterflies. They are the cutest. Not the most romance, but the very sweetest one.

I've still got my hands on his cheeks, and his cheeks aren't so cold anymore, not where I've been touching them. And when I suck on his lips, they go almost pink. For a few seconds, anyway. 
I wonder how long he's wanted this. I wonder how long I've wanted it.

I don't know what to say about the plot in this one. The magic is gorgeous. I loved the spells they did. I adored how smart Penny was, how close she and Simon were, and just friends. I loved how Simon and Baz became friends and then more. Loved how exciting this book was from start to finish. I loved every moment. The story is about trying to end the villain. I loved finding out the awesome twists. I adored the ending. I loved how it ended for Simon. I cannot. Every single part of this book was perfection.

My only issue with this book: It ended too soon. I need a sequel. I know this is a standalone fantasy. But I want a second book more than I want anything. I want to read more about Baz and Simon being in love. I want to read about them having adventures. I want to read about how Simon is able to live with what happened to him. I must know. I need a second book so badly. Oh, please. I would love it the most. Ack. So yes. Crossing all my fingers for that. I would buy and read it in a heartbeat. <3 It's my biggest wish.

Carry On was the most perfect book. The writing was spectacular. The characters the very best to read about. The romance gave me butterflies. I could not have loved this book any more. So thrilled that I decided to read it today. It was the most I have loved a book in a long time. And I have read a lot of great books. But yes. This was the best one. Simon and Baz will always be in my heart. You must all go buy and read this precious book. You will not regret it, I promise. Because I loved it the very most. <3


  1. Looking forward to reading this book. Rainbow Rowell is one of my favorite authors :) Great review of the book :)

  2. Yasssss! I love, love, love this book, C. And I agree, Simon and Baz are so adorable and cute!

  3. Omg YAY! You are the second friend to say how much they adored the romance (the other being Lauren). I have this pretty sitting on my shelf and I can't wait to read about Baz and Simon. I hope I love it as much as you did.
    Lovely review, friend! <3

  4. I'm SO SO happy to hear you loved this one soooooo much!! I have this one in my Kindle and I cannot wait to be able to just sit with it and read it from start to finish! My next day off will be for sure!
    Great review sweetie!

  5. Aw, well now I want to read it! I've been less than enthusiastic about this, because it didn't catch me so much in Fangirl but everybody's been loving it! And it gave you butterflies! AH!

  6. I ams og ald to know you loved this one like crazy! I actually have Fangirl so I better hurry up, read that one and love it, so I can move on this one too!


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