Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Review: The Copper Gauntlet by Cassandra Clare & Holly Black

I loved reading this book. The one year wait for it was worth it. But a bit too long, lol. I enjoyed everything about this book. I just, I really wish it had been longer. Two hundred and sixty pages is way too short. Hmph. But they were excellent pages. And I loved every word. Sigh. The writing is very gorgeous.

This book is also from the point of view of Call. And I loved that very much. Because Call is still my favorite person. And getting to know him better is all kinds of fun. I love how his leg is a bit broken. How much it hurts him. Okay, that breaks my heart, but still. I love how great it is written. It was so good to read about.

All five books will be like five years at the magic school, I think. Or they might not take that much time. Either way, I'm so excited about reading more. This one takes place a few weeks after the end of The Iron Trial. With Call and Havoc back home with his father. And oh. Things aren't going very well. Since his dad doesn't want him to go to the school. And because of the secret Call has. Sigh. I wish they didn't have any issues with each other; as I think I adore them both. But anyway. I loved the beginning of this book. It is exciting and awesome and I loved it. But a bit evil too. Poor Havoc, shudders. Things could have gone really wrong. But they didn't. And Call got away; to Tamara. Where Aaron was staying too. Was a bit awkward.

I felt like Call was a bit jealous in this book. But only for a sort time, I think. And I also very much understood him. As he thinks one time, Tamara will always pick Aaron before him. Which hurts a bit, sigh. But even so. I liked this friendship so much. Call and Aaron are awesome. I do like Tamara a lot too. But I had some issues with her. I didn't like how she sort of betrayed Call. So not okay. But I felt like she made up for it near the end; she stood up for him. So I do like her. But only ever as their friend :)

Call is a bit more jealous of Aaron this time. But he shouldn't be. My heart just aches for Aaron. He is such a cute boy. And so so very kind. But yeah. He has no family anymore. He has no one. And that just hurts my heart. Hmph. But yeah. I loved his friendship with Call. Just wish the book had been longer so that I could have seen it more. Hopefully in the next one. All three are great friends; which I liked. We also see a bit more of Celia in this book; I adored that. She's pretty amazing. Still shipping her and Call.

There is also a whole other bunch of awesome characters in this book. More creatures too. Shudders. Some were pretty bad. But I loved reading about them all. We also see much more of Jasper in this one. And while he is still so mean towards Call, he is also sort of kind. And I have grown to love him a lot more. Unless he talks about what happened near the end of the book. Hmph. He better not. Most I loved reading about Call. He is the very best. So awesome. And his chaos dog, Havoc. He is just the cutest.

While this book is short, it is also full of amazing things. The plot is awesome. I loved reading about everything that happened. About Call visiting with Tamara. About him going to a party at her very huge house. And how different it was an how awesome too. And reading more about Alex, whom is older, whom I grew to like a lot. I'm not sure if I want him to be with Tamara's sister. She didn't treat him all that well. Hmph. But yeah. I'm all kinds of curious about it even so, lol. So much amazing in this book.

We learn more about the Enemy of Death in this one too. Which is still such a silly nickname, lol. But I kind of like it too. And, ugh. He seemed like an awful person. And he died so young. And poor Call with his secret, and him trying not to be evil, and it just broke my heart. But Call is still just Call. And I want him to always be that. Don't he dare change or die. I want a happy ending for Call. And Aaron. And for them to be best of friends. Sigh. Anyway. Point is. The plot is exciting and interesting and I loved it lots.

While I wish this book had been longer, I also loved it very much. I'm giving it five stars. Because the writing is gorgeous. The characters are all so so amazing. The plot is exciting and interesting. This book just means so much to me. It's awesome. You must all read this book. Read and love it. Which you will. Because it's the best. The Copper Gauntlet is such a stunning sequel. It is exciting and horrifying and so much fun. All the characters are written so well. I could not have loved this book more. It is awesome.


  1. Hmm, sounds like its def worth the read, the magical school and other awesomeness

  2. I haven't read this one yet, only the first book in the series. I really want to read this one, though! Especially now after seeing how much you loved it.

    Majanka @ I Heart Reading


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