Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Cress Tuesday #97

I adore sharing these teasers from Cress. But I'm going to stop doing them once Winter comes out this November. Which will be a bit depressing, since I have done this for ages. Aw. But it is time to stop, I think :) But I have loved it so much. <3 As you know, I adore Marissa Meyer. She is all kinds of amazing. She's so kind and sweet. And she writes such perfect books. I have loved all her books and short stories so far. I'm dying to read Winter. <3 See the very gorgeous cover reveal for it here. I'm also dying to read her upcoming book, Heartless, which will be out next November. Oh. I cannot wait. <3 But it has been pushed back. And waiting for it is just going to kill me. Sniffs. I want it now. Also don't forget about the short stories book, Stars Above, coming out. <3 I haven't been brave enough to re-read Cinder, Scarlet & Cress just yet, but I shall be doing right before Winter comes out. As I love these books oh so much. They are the bestest. I hope you have all read these books by now. And if not, you really should. I hope you are all enjoying these awesome teasers from Cress :) See all the previous Cress Tuesdays here. <3


Kai collapsed back into his chair. "Do you think he was just trying to get a rise out of me, or are all those ships really going to invade the Commonwealth once the alliance is forged? Somehow, I'd just assumed Levana would be content to call herself empress. I didn't think she'd want to bring her whole army here and let them make themselves right at home." Saying the words out loud made him flinch with how naïve he sounded. Kai cursed beneath his breath. "You know, I'm beginning to think I entered into this marriage thing a bit hastily."


Small glimpse at my Kai. Cannot wait to read more of him :)
But yeah. This marriage thing can never happen. Never.

Huge thank you to Marissa Meyer and Macmillan Kids for letting me share these gorgeous Cress Tuesday teasers with you all. <3 They are the bestest. Thank you so much. I hope you are all loving the teasers :D I know that I am loving finding them and sharing them with you all. If you haven’t yet read Cress, I hope these teasers are making you more excited about it. <3 I’m sharing all these teasers from my stunning hardcover of Cress. Well, from one of my copies. I might be owning a whole bunch of them :D


  1. Aw, I'm going to miss Cress Tuesday once Winter comes out. ... then again, I will have Winter in my hands finally to soothe my pain :) Oh, and I forgot about the short story collection Stars Above coming out!!

  2. Awww poor Kai. So happy the marriage did not go thru! I hope we get a lot of time with him and Cinder in this last book.
    Thanks for sharing, sweet friend!

  3. What? NOOOOOO...I hadn't hear Heartless had been pushed back! :'( November 2016..that is so SO far away. Well, at least we have Winter, which I know is going to be just amazing.


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