Monday, September 7, 2015

Book Recommendation: The Iron Trial by Cassandra Clare & Holly Black

I adored re-reading this book. And I'm so glad that I decided to do so before reading book two. I adore these two authors. They are both awesome. I have read and loved more books by Cassandra, though :) So far I have loved everything I have read by her. Which is so exciting. And just. Ahh. This middle grade book. It is all kinds of special. I love the writing. It's stunning. And the story is so exciting too. I always enjoy reading about magic. While sort of done before, this book is so different and unique. I loved it.

I'm not sure what to say about this precious. Where to begin. It is too short. I wish this book had been even longer. Which means I'm a bit depressed about book two being even shorter, and still taking a whole year to publish. Ugh. I can't stand how slow publishing is. Sigh. But it will be worth the wait, I'm sure. Cannot wait to start it next. But a bit nervous, since I heard some bad things about how Tamara is behaving. And it bothers me already. Hoping it won't be a big deal; hoping to love the book like crazy :)

Anyway. The Iron Trial is a stunning book. It has gorgeous writing. The story is incredible. And the characters are all adorable. Okay, fine, I mostly just loved Callum. The main boy, whom is twelve. Just, Call is the bestest. He is so cute. And kind, though not always very nice. He has a good relationship with his dad, but I still felt like he had a crappy childhood, because he did not have any friends. And that just broke my heart so much. Reading about how kids treated him before.. So not okay. Sniffs. It hurts a lot.

Because Call has a bad leg. And it sounds so painful and awful and I really hope it will be more about his leg in the later books. I think that would be awesome, as I kind of love the broken characters type. Sigh. But yeah. I hated that Call had such issues with his leg. It was so heartbreaking to read about. Yet the very best thing to read about too, because yeah. Call is all kinds of strong. Yet he still hurts. And it just breaks my heart. I just want people to love Call. And I was so glad when he made friends at the school.

This book is about a school for kids with magic. And I'm not saying more than that. Just that I found it to be all kinds of amazing. Love the classes; though we don't see too much of those, which I was happy about. This book is mostly about friendships. And Call making friends. Like Aaron and Tamara. I must say that I loved Aaron a whole lot, and I think he and Call can end up as great friends. I really hope so. I like Tamara too, but reading about her this time, I did not love her much. Hope that my feelings change.

There is also a whole bunch of other characters to read about. And I liked them all. This time I also seemed to love Jasper, whom was kind of really mean to Call. But I'm thinking he's getting better. I also seemed to adore Celia. I think I ship her and Call now :D They would make a cute couple. There is so much I could say about this book. But I won't say much more. Just that it is exciting. And surprising. And I liked the plot a whole lot. I think these five books are going to be amazing. So so excited for them all.

"I see through the masks of skin you wear," the Devoured continued. 
"I see your future. One of you will fail. One of you will die. And one of you is already dead."

So curious about what will happen in the next four books. I think it will all be awesome. And I simply cannot wait to read the other books. I'm sure I will love them all. Sigh. But so worried. Because of what the Devoured said. Hmph. And about the secret about Call. It can't end good, can it? Sniffs. I really do hope it ends well. It must. I have hope. Just, yeah. I simply cannot wait to read more from this world. More about Call and Aaron and everyone. Just so glad that I love this book so much :) It's very amazing.

I think you should all read The Iron Trial. Because it is exciting and fun and all kinds of awesome. I really liked reading it this second time. And I know I will read it many times more. It is a book that I won't get tired of reading. And I think you would all love this book too. Because, yeah, it's amazing. Call is the most adorable. But the other characters are pretty great too. And Havoc is the cutest wolf. And the story is just so fantastic. I just wish this book had been much, much longer. But yes. I loved it lots. <3
He wished just once that he got to play. He might not have been as fast as other kids or as able to keep his balance, but he was full of restless energy. He was exempt from a gym requirement because of his leg; even in elementary school, when he'd tried to run or jump or climb at recess, one of the monitors would come over and remind him that he needed to slow down before he hurt himself. If he kept at it, they would make him come inside. As though a couple of bruises were the most awful thing that could happen to someone. As though his leg was going to get worse.


  1. I love this book, amazing and fantastic book :) Love the characters, the story and everything about it. Never read anything of Holly Black, but love Cassandra Clare. My favorite of her is The Infernal Devices series. One of my favorites :)

  2. I was just looking at these books the other day and have contemplated on whether they're worth the read. Bah. Should've picked them up!

  3. I enjoyed it too. Lookng forward to the sequel. Any idea when it will be released?

    Majanka @ I Heart Reading


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