Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Review: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by J. K. Rowling

My re-read of these books are just getting better and better. This third one was even better than the last one. Had forgotten how much I truly loved these books, since it has been so many years since I last read them. Writing is gorgeous. Characters are all amazing. Sigh. Loved re-reading this book oh so much.

But how do I talk about it? This I do not know. So much is happening in this one. And it is also a lot longer, almost five hundred pages. It felt like I would never finish reading it, lol. But I'm okay with that, as I also didn't want the book to end. This one is also darker than the previous one. And I loved that.

I just cannot tell you enough how much I adore reading about Harry Potter. He is amazing. And getting older. Though he's pretty stupid sometimes, he's also pretty smart. And I love reading about him. His summer holidays with his Aunt and her family is still going pretty badly. And I still pretty much hate them all, sigh. They are in the books so little, yet I can never forget them. They are mean. And I love what Harry did to that woman in the beginning on the book. Sigh. Also a favorite moment of mine from the movie, hah. But yeah. I do like reading about the Dursleys. They are different. And pretty awful. But interesting too. Mostly I loved what happens this summer after Harry finally leaves them :) He had such a good time.

There are so many things I loved about this third book. The writing is more gorgeous. The characters are getting older and getting more adorable. Though I didn't like how they were fighting a lot. Hmph. Not fun, sigh. I loved how awesome Hagrid is, though he is a bit weird too. Yet I adore him still. Draco is still just a mean boy, though slowly getting more mean, I think. I love how we get to read a bit about many of the teachers at Hogwarts. They are all pretty different. And exciting to read about as well.

Mostly I just adore reading about Harry. And all the things he does. All the trouble he gets into. His gooorgeous friendship with Ron and Hermione. It is so special and precious. Wishing there had been more of the Weasleys in this one. Felt like they weren't in it that much, huh. But yeah, I still love them all so much. Such an amazing family. Though I can't stand rats, and Ron's rat was pretty annoying, lol. But oh my gosh. Hermione gets a cat in this one. And it is adorable. And mean. I loved it oh so much.

I very much liked reading about the new creatures in this book. Buckbeak was pretty awesome to get to know a little. I want one. Which reminds me that maybe I don't like Draco at all, hmph. I don't like sports, but I must admit to loving Quidditch. All their matches were pretty amazing to read about and I loved how awesome Harry is at it. Though he do end up getting hurt a lot all the time while playing. Sigh. How mean. But still such an awesome sport. And I love how Harry keeps getting new broomsticks.

The plot in this one is so much fun. And I loved every moment of it. The new teacher, Lupin, was the very best. Sigh. I had forgotten how much I like this man. Wishing to get to know him more, sigh, though then I remember book seven, and ugh. I'm getting a bit angry about it, hmph. Just, a bunch of amazing characters in this book. And the plot is so awesome. A bit of time travel. A bit of turning into animals. A bit of everything. It's getting darker. And I love it. I pretty much loved everything about this.

I wish there was more I could say about it. But I feel like I have said enough. And I can't think of anything else to say. Just that I adored re-reading Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. It has been a bunch of fun. Though heartbreaking. And I'm just so thrilled that I re-read the books right now. It is going fast, though I'm not having the most time right now, ack. But love it. So much. I will also be re-watching the movies once I finish all the books, and I'm very excited about that too. Read this one.


  1. I like re-reading favourites because I always find something I miss from when I first read it. I'm glad you're having a great time with these books!

  2. This is my favorite movie, so it doesn't surprise me that you love the book so much! And, haha, Hermione's cat - I love that you mention it in your review. :D
    I hope the rest of the series goes well for you! Lovely review, D.


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