Thursday, July 9, 2015

Cover Reveal: City of Thirst by Carrie Ryan and John Parke Davis

I cannot. I want this book so badly. I loved book one, The Map to Everywhere so so much. And I am dying to read this sequel :D City of Thirst sounds so amazing. <3 And this cover is so gorgeous. Sigh. Just wishing I could read it right away. October 13th feels forever away :) If anyone have an print ARC they would be willing to part with, it would make me the happiest person in the world. Anyway. City of Thirst is going to be amazing. It sounds and looks so good :D I adore the cover! Book one has also gotten a slightly different cover too, for the paperback edition. All three covers below. I cannot wait to own this. Sigh. And read it. And love it. Book one broke my heart. I need to know more about Fin. And I need more of the friendship with Fin and Marrill. Ugh, I need this precious book right now please. It is so epic looking. It's going to be perfect. I'm so excited for City of Thirst :D What do you think of the cover? <3

New York Times bestselling author Carrie Ryan and John Parke Davis transport readers back to the boundless world of the Pirate Stream in this engaging and exhilarating sequel to the highly acclaimed The Map to Everywhere that is equal parts adventure, humor, and heart!

When the magical waters of the Pirate Stream begin flooding Marrill's world, the only way to stop the destruction is to return to the Stream and find the source of the mysterious Iron Tide. Reunited with her best friend Fin--who has been forgotten all over again--Marrill, her disbelieving babysitter, and the Enterprising Kraken crew must make the treacherous trek to the towering, sliding, impossible world of Monerva and uncover the secrets of its long-lost wish machine. Only there can Fin wish to finally be remembered. Only there can Marrill wish to save her world and all the people she loves. But to get everything they've ever wanted, Marrill and Fin may have to give up on the most important thing they already have: each other.


  1. Oh I did not even know about this series. Thanks for sharing!

  2. The cute cover really makes me want to read it!!


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