Friday, July 10, 2015

Review: Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone by J. K. Rowling

I have been wanting to re-read these books for ages now. It has been some years since I last read the Harry Potter books. And I am thrilled that I decided to finally re-read them now. Because I adored reading this first book again. It is so awesome. I had a few issues, but mostly loved it a whole lot. Writing is amazing.

I'm sure you have all read Harry Potter by now. Well, you should have. But if you haven't, you really should read them. They are amazing book. And I adored this first one so much. Getting to know who Harry is. How he grew up. How awful his Aunt and her family was to him. It was amazing and so heartbreaking.

I have actually only read the first four books one time before. As I started liking Harry Potter after movie four came out. I read book five and six in Norwegian, while waiting for number seven to come in English. Back then I didn't really read anything. But I read these books. And then it still took a few years before I started reading again. But yeah. I loved Harry Potter back then, and I have loved it since. The movies are so so gorgeous. But the books are perfect too. And I'm thrilled about finally re-reading them. I do own some precious Harry Potter items. But wanting more :) Have three box sets, currently reading the new UK hardcover set, which is so gorgeous. I love the art so much. All my editions are perfect. So precious. <3

I just can't describe this book. And I'm not going to talk about all the things I usually talk about. Well, I probably will, but feel like there isn't that much I can say about why I love this book. Will try describing some of my love for it. I adored this book because of Harry. He is the cutest boy. I loved how innocent he was about magic and his fame. How he didn't know anything. I hated his Aunt for never telling him, but I also loved it too, because I loved the boy he ended up being because of it. Harry is just awesome.

I loved this book because of the magic. I loved Hogwarts. I adored reading about the teachers. And the forbidden forest. And Hagrid. I even liked re-reading about the evil boy Draco Malfoy. I loved getting to see Harry making friends with Ron. And Hermione. I loved reading about how just about every day at Hogwarts is Harry's best day ever. I just want him to have more happy moments. Sobs. Then I remember all the awful things coming in the next books. Hmph. It is not fair. Sigh. But so excited to re-read it all.

I truly don't know what to share about this precious book. It is the story of eleven year old Harry Potter. We learn that his parents died when he was just one years old. He was then placed with his Aunt. And he has lived a pretty awful life. At least the way I saw it. He deserved to have someone love him. Sigh. But he didn't have that. And it still breaks my heart. I do love reading about boys that are broken. Though Harry isn't really. He's all kinds of strong and kind and gentle and polite. He's the best to read about.

There is just so much I love about Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. I adore how Harry finds out that he is a wizard. I love going shopping with him and Hagrid. It was lots of fun. Though that goblin bank is pretty freaky. I loved getting to know Hagrid more. He is a favorite character of mine. I loved getting to know how the school worked, how Harry felt about it all. Yeah. This book is special. Not fully perfect, but perfect in my heart. And it is precious to me. I just adore Harry and Ron and Hermione :)

I don't wish to say more about this book. Just that I am so happy that I re-read it. It was lots of fun. And I had forgotten so much, since it has been more than four years since I last read the books. I will now finish reading the next six books, then I will watch all the movies again too. Which will also be perfect. Sigh. These books are amazing. And I adore the movies too. And just, yeah. I want more Harry Potter. If you still haven't read this book, I really suggest that you do. Because it is amazing. You might love it :)


  1. So fun thats your rereading this series, Carina! I cant wait for the illustrated editions to come out!!

  2. So fun thats your rereading this series, Carina! I cant wait for the illustrated editions to come out!!

  3. I have only ever read the first book in this series. *hides*
    Maybe one day I'll read them all? It sounds like a very daunting task. I did love the movies tho! And I love how passionate you are about them. <3
    The cover IS gorgeous.


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