Sunday, July 19, 2015

My Bookshelves

Today I wanted to share newer pictures of my bookshelves :D I last posted pictures of my new apartment two years ago, here, and things have changed a bit since then. These pictures below were taken on June 29th :) I have gotten a few more books since then, but not that many ;p Also planning on rearranging all my books sometime soonish. Not yet, though, since I have so many, and it seems exhausting :p I also forgot to take pictures of another place I have a few bookish box sets. I own three Harry Potter boxsets, which I keep in a different place :) Along with Alanna box set, Underland box set, and a few more. Not that many, but yeah, not taking a picture of them :) The quality of the pictures are much higher on my laptop, but cannot seem to get them to look that nice when I try to upload them. Hmph. But still, clear enough :) I love my bookshelves oh so much. If you have any questions, just ask :) I have read a lot of these books. But Goodreads still tells me that I own 569 books to be read. There are probably more. I'm not sure I have added all on my goodreads, but most of them, yeah :) Also check out this gorgeous post at Joyousreads where I did an interview with Joy :D About my top 5 books and top 5 authors. <3 Lots of love. Joy is the sweetest. I adore my books. I adore my toys. I love my swag :) There is an issue. I have no more space. As you can see, last bookshelf almost full already :( No room to add another shelf, sobs.

Bedroom Bookshelves. These two are in my bedroom; and have a bunch of my favorite books :) But not all, though. Still, very much love the books in here. And love the dolls on top of the shelves too :)

Living Room. This is the bookshelf I see the most every day; closest to my chair :) Some favorites too. And ugh, so much love for all these precious books. <3 And Frozen on top of the shelf :D Love!

Living Room 2. Three shelves close together. <3 Also in my living room. Almost no room left. I can't deal with this, though. Trying to ignore it. And still trying to sell books, but going badly, I'm sad to say.

Living Room 3. Last shelf in my living room :) Filled of precious books, just like all my other shelves. Sigh. So much precious. Gorgeous Shadow and Bone posters too :D Love it all so so much.

Staircase. And my last bookshelf. This is also the tallest one. Wishing all my shelves were this tall, sigh. But yeah, some awesome books here too :) Just wishing I had more room. Hmph. Sad about that.

My Wall of Swag. My precious! I'm a big collector of swag. Gorgeous bookmarks and everything. Signed is the best, though. <3 And my Robert Pattinson poster thingy too :D It is oh so gorgeous. Love.

More Walls with Swag. Most of my swag is in my bedroom. Except for that signed Rob picture and those few pieces of swag; which are in my living room :) I love all of it oh so much. Means the most.

Ornaments. Some other precious things that I have that I own :D Stunning Disney ornaments. <3 I also have much more Disney things and such, but didn't take pictures of that this time. Maybe later :)


  1. SO. MANY. BOOKS. <3 <333333333333

  2. Hi Carina,

    This. Is. So. Awesome. Especially the swag! I'm a collector as well, though sadly I don't have the room to put it all up as beautifully as you have. Speaking of swag, I have quite some duplicate items (bookmarks, bookplates and postcards, signed and unsigned), and was wondering if maybe you were interested in setting up an exchange? I know how hard it can be procuring swag living in Europe. Anyway, you and your blog are amazing.

    Much love, Angela

    1. Hi Angela :D

      Thank you oh so much. <3 That sounds so perfect :) That would be awesome. But how can I contact you? Your blogger profile is not public :\

  3. Oh my, Carina!! Looks like someone might need some new bookcases because some of those shelves seem to be bending under the weight of all those beautiful books :) But seriously, your collection is simply breathtaking! And I love what you've done with your swag - I love getting swag but I never know what to do with it and how to display it effectively. I love how you've chosen to display yours!!

  4. So many bookshelves. Looks like you need even more bookshelves. I wish mine were that organized.

    Grace @ Books of Love

  5. LOOOOOVE. I've mentioned this to you before, but I truly admire your dedication to authors and well loved books. <3 You're a rockstar!

  6. WOW!!!! SO MANY WONDERFUL BOOKS!!!! You're so lucky I wish mines was as big as yours lol

  7. SO MANY WONDERFUL BOOKS!! But running out of space sounds like the most horrible thing everrr!!

  8. Ahhhh your room is AWESOME. Thank you for sharing! Wow, all the books.... that's incredible. That one shelf looks REALLY tall. So, so great. I hope you read all of them one day. :)


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