Friday, July 17, 2015

Review: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by J. K. Rowling

This book is all kinds of long. And I loved re-reading every moment of it. It took me a few days to finish it, as it is really long, and I didn't have that much time. Hmph. But tonight I finished it. And I'm so thrilled that I re-read this precious book. Sigh. So much love for it. Series is getting better and better.

I remember watching the Goblet of Fire movie a whole lot. Because I adored Harry's hair in it. And I loved Cedric so extremely much. I always cried at the end of the maze, sigh. Been years since I last saw it. Hmph. But yeah. I love this movie a whole lot. And I realized how much I love the book too.

This one is even more heartbreaking than the first three, which is just all kinds of mean. Since it is going to get even more heartbreaking. My heart won't be able to take it. Yet I cannot wait at the same time. So excited to re-read the last three books in this gorgeous series. So much love for these books. I love the writing more and more for each book. I fall even more in love with the characters too. And the story is just stunning. I adore magic. I love Hogwarts. I love the classes they take. All the food they get to eat. The different spells they are casting. How they dress. All the creepy creatures. This time, awesome dragons. Which I love oh so much. There is just a lot I loved about this book. I must mention some of it in my review :)

This book is so long, though. And felt like it took me forever to read. Yet when I finished it, I wished it had been even longer. Which is the best feeling. So much happens in this one. I can't begin to mention all of it. But oh, how I loved reading every moment. Harry is now fourteen years old. I loved the moment in the beginning of the book when the Weasleys are coming to pick him up at the Dursleys. It was so much fun. And pretty awful too; I adored reading it. The Dursleys are still pretty awful, just so you know.

Harry Potter is just the most amazing boy. And I adore getting to read more about him. Though with the writing style of this book, I also feel like I don't get to fully know him, which makes me a bit sad. Yet I still know him pretty well, so I'm not too sad about it. Because Harry is awesome. And he just gets more and more awesome. I did not mention Sirius in my last review. But yeah. He is a favorite character of mine. We see a bit more about him in this book. And I loved that a whole lot. He is just incredible :)

I still love Harry's best friends so much. Hermione is amazing. So kind and clever and just perfect. I wish more people in these books would love her, hmph. And Ron. Sigh. I do adore him. Though he is a bit silly sometimes, and I'm not happy with him not believing Harry. It hurt my heart. And I wish he had truly apologized for it. Yet I also understood why he felt the way he did. But even so. It hurt my heart. But anyway. I adore the friendship between these three amazing kids. It just gets stronger all the time.

Exciting things are happening at Hogwarts this year. There is a tournament. And it is the most fun and horrifying to read about. Loved every moment of it. The trials are awesome. And awful. And so much fun too. The ball was stunning. Sort of. I love the new characters a lot too. Moody is another favorite of mine, though he wasn't even real in this one. And that bothered me a bit, hmph. I loved the fake one. How rude. But yeah, bunch of amazing new characters in this book. And old ones too. I enjoyed them all.

I can't say more about this book. Okay, I could probably talk about it a whole lot more, but I'm not going to. Just know that I adored re-reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. It is a spectacular book. And I'm so happy I decided to re-read this series. You must all read this book. Harry Potter is amazing. And it gets better for every book. So much happens in this one. More about Voldemort. Shudders. I cannot wait to re-read the next three. And watch the movies again. It will be the best thing, I suppose. I'm excited.

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  1. Yay!! :D:D You're right that this one is the first of the long books in the series, and yet once it ends you can't help but feel like you want more! And oh so heartbreaking, it's true, and it's worse knowing that it's only going to become more and more heartbreaking with each subsequent book :(


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