Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Review: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix by J. K. Rowling

Ugh, this book. It is so long and huge and it took me forever to read, yet when I got to the end, I wish it had been much longer. My love for these books are just growing. Okay, I have read them before, but it has been years. This one isn't my favorite, but I don't love it any less than the others. It's a great book.

The writing is, as always, stunning. I had some issues in book one, but I'm used to it now, and I'm loving it a lot. Characters are just getting better and better. And the story is getting more darker and heartbreaking. Hmph. How mean. Yet oh so perfect too. I just love the story in these books. It is oh so beautiful.

I love getting to know Harry more and more. I love how he grows. Sure, he is angry a lot in this book. But I did not mind one bit, because I was angry about all the same things. Ugh. People need to tell him more. And not be so mean. This is the first book with romance in it. And, well, I must admit that I didn't like it at all. I didn't like Cho. She was just annoying to me. And crying all the time and I just, I didn't like her for Harry at all. Hmph. Glad it did not last long, hah. But I did love how happy it made Harry at first :) He is all kinds of adorable. I love how Ron and Hermione fights just about all the time. I cannot wait for that romance to begin. Sigh. They are awesome. All the friendships in this book are perfection, as always.

As I said, this book is huge. The biggest of them all. Took forever to read, but it was worth it. Every page was amazing. I just adore reading about Harry. And Ron. And Hermione. And all their other friends. Still wishing I could go to Hogwarts, sigh. I want to do magic too. Still unsure about how to share all my thoughts about this book. I loved it a lot, and I don't feel like saying much more than that. Ack. But I will. At least a little bit. But yeah. What I am feeling most after re-reading this book is love for it all.

Though I'm also the most upset. Because my most favorite character from these books just died. And I'm not pleased about it. I cried. Again. It was beautiful too, but I'm not forgiving. It's so heartbreaking. He has no one. Sort of. And it hurts my heart so badly. Anyway. In this precious book we see more of Sirius. Yet never enough. We get to see his family's home. Which is all kinds of awful, to be honest. Yet I loved those scenes to pieces. Sniffs. So good. Though his house-elf was oh so awful. Did not like him.

There is a new teacher in this book. And I thought she was going to be much more awful, to be honest. Huh. I didn't think she was all that bad like I remembered her being. Yes, she was cruel and awful, but I had expected worse. I suppose the movie version of her is much worse, so I'm excited to re-watch that one after I finish the last two books :) But yeah. Awful new teacher, but not that awful. Still lots of fun to read. Especially with Fred and George doing their pranks. Those boys are amazing. Sigh. Love them.

After the end of Goblet of Fire, people are not feeling all that happy towards Harry Potter. Most people don't believe him at all, don't believe that Voldemort has returned. It bothered me. So many mean people in this one. Hmph. Yet I sort of liked it too. I can't describe it all, but so much awesome happens in this book. I loved every moment. Even all the bad ones. Shudders. But yeah. For the most part this book was all kinds of perfect and I couldn't be happier about having re-read it. Just, my heart still hurts from it.

I wish I could say much more about this book. But my mind is going blank. I will just say that Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is a fantastic book. And I loved re-reading it. So much happens. We see more of Voldemort. Learn more awesome things about Hagrid. But ugh. I'm not able to write more. I can't think of anything to say. I just loved this book. I loved all of it. And you all need to read it, if you still haven't. Because the Harry Potter books are aamazing. And re-reading them have been so much fun.


  1. Heh yes, oh so long, and yet not long enough come the end :) And I'm glad you weren't bothered by angry Harry - I was never bothered by him either because it always seemed to me that he had a good reason to be angry! And so much heartbreak in this one, and still a lot more to come in books 6 and 7...

  2. Love seeing you relive your enjoyment for these books! Makes me want to read them again, too!

  3. I was so upset about the ending because of the death of you-know-who (I'm not talking about Voldemort here). He was my favourite character and I loved reading about him and his story so much and then he died and I was really sad. This series is so awesome, even if it's heartbreaking at times. I read it again not long ago, and my feels for it are still strong. Love to read your reviews about the books!


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