Saturday, July 25, 2015

In My Mailbox #195

This have been a busy week. I spent all of it re-reading the Harry Potter books :) It took me 16 days to re-read the seven books. Went a bit slow, since they were hard to read, but it was still quick reads. And so much love. Ugh. I just finished the last one today. And I loved it oh so much. Now going to stress watch the 8 movies too, before the end of Sunday. Since I'm going on a road trip to Sweden on Monday, and back late Wednesday :) It will be awesome, I think. And I cannot wait. Anyway. So I'm a bit behind on things, again. Ugh. But hoping to have time to do some of it before I leave on Monday morning. Will see. This week I got some pretty amazing things in the mail :D So much love! Still waiting on a lot, though.. ack. This week I posted about My Bookshelves :D Pictures of all of them. <3 I shared another gorgeous Cress Tuesday :) I posted my review for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. <3 I'm waiting on The Lies About Truth :D Posted my review for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. <3 And then my review for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows :D Have been busy. But I'm good with that.

Frozen. Some new Frozen books :D Getting a bunch more, ack. These are stunning. Stickers! Love.
Disney Infinity 2.0. Some gorgeous thingy for my game that I have yet to play, hah :) But cheap. <3
Home. I have yet to see this gorgeous looking movie. But I think it seem pretty cute :D Excited for it.
Cinderella. I did adore this movie a whole lot. I'm excited about watching it again sometime soonish.
Big Hero 6. Gorgeous game for my DS :D Though I have 3DS, but can't find this game for that.. hmm.
The School for Good and Evil: The Last Ever After. I am oh so so excited for this precious book :D I loved the first two. Re-reading them first. In about two weeks. Can't wait :D Two copies. One signed from Books of Wonder, but I ordered it personalized, it was not :'( They are sending a new one. And regular hardcover that I ordered from bookdepo ;p Getting a few more copies too, ack. This book is gorgeous.
This Shattered World. Thank you SO MUCH Sydney for trading this with me :D Eeeek! So so thrilled.
Winterkill. Eeek. I love this book. Won this from Kate :D Thank you oh so much. <3 It is gorgeous.
Monster. YAY! Thank you so much Cara for sending me this gorgeous review copy :) I'm reading it soon.
Plush Animals. I love buying these. Oh so much. One more Bukowski :D They are all the most gorgeous.

Down With the Shine swag. EEEEK! Thank you so much Kate :D I won this from her amazing newsletter contest. <3 SO HAPPY :D Eeek! Another Little Piece :D I will be reading it in August. Oh so excited. And signed swag. Swoon. It is all oh so perfect. <3 The glass jar is stuuuunning :) I love love love it so much.

My signed books. <3 SO GORGEOUS. Ugh. I'm so so thrilled about these two :)

More Instagram photos here. <3


  1. Signed books are always the bestest!! =D
    I hope you'll have an amazing time in your trip to Sweden sweetie!!

  2. OOH, is that the UK cover for Winterkill?? It's gorgeous, I've never seen it before! You have such great luck with giveaways, Carina! Lovely, lovely signed books. And I love the Down with the Shine glass! Enjoy!

  3. I saw Home with my nephew, loved the movie. Cute and funny, the music was the best of everything. Can`t wait to read This shattered world, love the first book in that series :) Another little piece sound like an interesting book. A lot of great things you have, you are lucky :)

  4. Hey there,

    Nice 'little' collection as always! :)

    I've nominated you for the Liebster Award. You can read about the details here, on my blog:

    Paradise Found

    Have a nice day!

  5. Reading all the Harry Potter in seven 16 days is an amazing accomplishment Carina, as I think in the last two days I've only read two books! I so need to sort my reading time out! And what an amazing win, I still need to read Another Little Piece so that signed copy and swag looks amazing! I hope you enjoy your road trip!

  6. I hope you enjoy Another Little Piece, Carina. The cover is amazing. Your cat looks like she's having some fun outside. Love fluffy kitties! Happy reading! :)

  7. Ahhhh, the Kate Karyus Quinn package is lovely! And dude - the HP reread is amazing, nice job! I hope you enjoy all of your new books!

    Have a lovely week, Carina :)

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

  8. I liked the first book in The School for Good and Evil series. I'll have to check out this new one. The Frozen books look fun too!

    Majanka @ I Heart Reading

  9. Oh my gosh I ADORE the Down With the Shine swag! HAPPY READING

  10. I have not read Another Little Piece! It sounds totally weird but maybe I will give it a try some day. :)
    Great new haul, friend! I hope you enjoy your new books and such. <3

  11. Winterkill sounds like a great pick. Hope you enjoy your books and this week!


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