Thursday, July 23, 2015

Review: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince by J. K. Rowling

My love for this series is just growing all the time. Sigh. I do suppose that I'm loving the books much more this time than the last time I read them years ago, though I loved them then too. But yeah. Much more love now. And this one is pretty special. Didn't take that long to read either, much easier to read too :)

There is this awful death at the end of the book. While it was horrible, I didn't care as much as with the death in the previous one. That was much more heartbreaking to me. Though I think this death might bother me a lot in the next one. Maybe. It was so sad, yet I did not cry once. It was so well written, though.

The books are just getting darker and darker. And I love this so much. It's awesome to read about. Yet heartbreaking too. We get to know so much more in this one. About Voldemort. About how he was as a child. And a teenager. And what he did to his soul. Which I do find all kinds of interesting. Yet horrifying too. But yeah. I loved reading about it. And I loved how Harry had private lessons with Dumbledore. Though I'm still unsure how I feel about him. Hmph. Some bad things about him comes up in the final book. Can't remember it fully just now, so will decide if I like Dumbledore or not by the end of the next. Interesting to read about.

I still love Harry the most. And Hermione and Ron are amazing too. Though Ron did annoy me a whole bunch in this book. Hmph. I did not like his first girlfriend. Didn't like the reason for why he got together with her. Sigh. He is also sort of rubbish at Quidditch sometimes. Yet amazing at it too. Just annoyed me a little bit, hah. But other than that I love Ron a lot. As I always say, the friendship in this book is fantastic. Sigh. I wish I had the friends that Harry have. Hmph. How mean. He is the luckiest person.

There is also a better romance in this one. Though too little of it. So glad that Harry is done with Cho, as she was such an annoying character. I didn't like her, anyway. And oh, seeing Harry start liking Ginny is the best thing.. so cute. I adored it a whole lot. There is also a bunch of other amazing characters in this book. In the last one, we got to know Luna. And we see more of her in this one too. And oh, how I adore her. She's adorable. And weird. So cute. I also sort of like Professor Slughorn. Maybe. I'm not sure.

There is so much happening in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Yet I feel like it was a bit less exciting than the other books. Huh. Yet such awful things happens in it. But it is also a bit more slow. I liked that. So any other amazing things to read about. Such great friendships and such. I also still love reading about the Weasleys. They are all the sweetest. Except for Percy. I can't stand Percy. Grrr. I liked him in the first books, sort of. But not in the latest ones. Can't remember how it ends with him, hmm.

As the title says, this book is focused a lot of the Half-Blood Prince. Which it is written is the owner of a potions book that Harry has. A lot of time is spent on that, with Harry liking the boy whom has written the book, as it has been such a huge help in his potions class. Though some of the spells this person had included in the book were not that good. Yet amazing to read about even so. Anyway. This book. This prince person. I did like how all of that ended. Awesome. Though too much time spent on it. Hmph.

I loved reading about the Cave part near the end of the book. With Harry going off with Dumbledore. It was so exciting and creepy and I loved it so much. Heartbreaking too. Yeah. That was amazing to re-read. While not that much happens in this book, well, I can't seem to think right now that much happens, I still loved every single moment of the book. Writing is gorgeous. Characters are all amazing. Sigh. But now I have run out of words. Hmph. How mean. But yeah. I loved this book. Oh so much. <3


  1. Half-Blood Prince was one of my favorite books in the Harry Potter series. Great review!

    Majanka @ I Heart Reading

  2. Yes, the death in this one still hurts me and I have read it so long ago

  3. Is it weird that I haven't read any of the Harry Potter books? (I've watched the movies though). I plan on getting around to them soon though :D

    Asma @ IceyBooks


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